Julio Zuleta: Didn’t you used to be somebody?


The very first installment of our ongoing series Didn’t you used to be somebody? features former Cubs 1B Julio Zuleta. Zuleta played 79 games in 2000 and 2001 with the baby bears hitting .247, socking nine dingers and knocking in 36 RBI. Currently, Zuleta is batting sixth for Panama against the Dominicans. In fact, he just struck out with two men on.

More importantly thought, Julio Zuleta was a part my own murderers row with Sammy Sosa and Henry Rodriguez (Oh-Henry!) and  in All-Star Baseball 2001 for Playstation 2. Zuleta hit over 70 HRs before I abandoned my season around the all-star break, which pretty much sums up all baseball video games. Fun for about 50 games, then mind-numbingly boring.

But here’s to you Mr. Zuleta — for your incredible video game ability, Voodoo performances in the Cubs’ dugout and special place in my heart.


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