Where ya gone, Juan?

Eye on the Prize?

Eye on the Prize?

As I perused the free agency list today, I came across a name that Cardinal Nation hasn’t given much thought to lately: Juan Encarnacion. You remember him, right? The guy who lost a game of chicken to an Aaron Miles foul tip while in the on deck circle. The outfielder who was inconsistent at best and chapped La Russa’s ass on more than one occasion.

Either way, no word from the Cardinals on what they are doing with this poor jabroni but if it’s me, I’m not sure I’m in a huge rush to get back on the field after taking a high one to the eye.

And isn’t dude sort of a liability right now? One more misplayed ball and he is the lead man for a supporting actor role in the next Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I guess not all the alternatives are so bad. He’s 33 years old so he has some time to get things in order. And here is hoping he sees it through. Had to make one more joke about the eye. Tasteless I know.



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2 responses to “Where ya gone, Juan?

  1. Mark Renken

    Damn Taysh, takin some low blows to a guy who was a having a really good year that year for the Birds….He was one of the best (at the time) at 2 out RBIs for the Cards. Very unfortunate for the guy…fuckin Aaron Miles

  2. leonel

    fuck you…fuckin Aaron Miles

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