The Plunder: Pirates tell four players to get off their lawn, dagnabbit


Today’s featured pirate is Edward Thatch, better known as the infamous Blackbeard, who roamed the seas during the Golden Age of Piracy. He’s often described as the visual stereotype for used today for nefarious pirates, which makes him totally kickass. But he should have tried to get into a better HMO or something, because he was only active from 1712-1718, which seems kind of short to be the poster boy for pirate activity. Then again, Gale Sayers got into the HoF after playing only six seasons, so Blackbeard gets a pass.

Get. Out. Romulo Sanchez, Pedro Lopez, Miguel Perez and Daniel Haigwood sent to respective Pirate affiliates. Any player caught with a “Z” in his last name will receive similar punishment. |

ACLs are overrated anyway: Jarek Cunningham, one of the Pirates more competent prospects, tears his ACL and will miss the season. He’ll use this time to find out why his parents named him Jarek. | Bucs Dugout


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