Cubs’ Luis Vizcaino unable to throw ball at catcher competently, blowing roster spot


An article in the Chicago Tribune speculates that ex-Colorado Rockie and career journeyman Luis Vizcaino might not win the bullpen spot that he had all but locked up. If there is any point of concern on the roster, it’s the bullpen, and personally I believe Vizcaino will be a potential problem for the bullpen rather than a potential solution. There’s a reason he’s been on six teams in six years, and it isn’t because of an uncontrollable foot odor.

Vizcaino hasn’t had an ERA under 4.00 in two years, what makes anyone think that he is going to do it as a 34-year-old? Puh-leeze. Give me Carlos Marmol and Kevin Gregg at the back end, Aaron Heilman and Angel Guzman as the long men and Neal Cotts, Chad Gaudin (and his ridiculous beard-like contraption) and Jeff Samardzija in between, with a steady diet of young talent cycling through the final spot.

But if Vizcaino happens to hold on to his spot in the pen, I’ll be about as surprised as I was at the end of Remember the Titans (Tangent: Gasp! The team full of racist white people lost? If I’ve learned anything from sports movies its that if you’re racist, you never win the big game. Ever. Even Ty Cobb would strikeout with the bases loaded in the clutch, that is if they ever made a factual movie about what that bitter man was really like).

The Cubs have loved old, washed-up pitchers since the Don Baylor era with Jeff Fassero, Antonio Alfonseca, Chad Fox,  Steve Trachsel (crica 2008), Scott Williamson and Chad Fox (again) as some prime examples, so expect him on the opening day roster.

“Cubs’ Luis Viscaino in jeopardy of losing his spot in bullpen” | Chicago Tribune


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