Brewers in the WBC: First round results

welchThose who claim the Brewers as their Major League team of choice are done in the first round of the WBC. Here’s the written word on how they performed.

Awesome picture of David Welch brought to you gratis. Don’t say I never did anything for you.

By Danny Mehigan

David Welch, SP: The Australians put all their hopes and dreams in the hands of Welch, as he started the elimination game against Mexico. That did not work out as they drew it up, but he actually was relatively on par with his Aussie teammates. Which is not a compliment, but hey, no reason to show off right? Very unselfish of Welch. He gave up four hits and four runs in three innings, and sported an ERA of 12.00 (team ERA for the tournament: 10.57). Australia lost, 16-1, by the way.

Mark DiFelice, SP: DiFelice actually pitched well, starting against Venezuela in game one and going four innings. He gave up just three hits and no runs. The Brewers will still use him in long relief and for mop-up work if he’s ever with the big club, but maybe he’s an Italian hero now or something. And that could come in handy if he ever, you know, goes to Italy.

Vinny Rottino, C: As the backup catcher, Rottino didn’t get much clock, but he did rip a double for his only hit in four at-bats. If anything, he lost out on valuable time back in Brewers camp since Rivera and Salome have been hurting, but I’m glad he played for his pseudo-home country. The experience will make him better in big situations if he ever makes it to Milwaukee in crunch time. You know, or something in depth and analytical like that.

Ryan Braun, OF: The Hebrew Hammer (with apologies to the original, Matt Bernstein) hit a bomb in the first game against Venezuela and went 3-for-4 in the second game. He went 0-fer otherwise but Venezuela is still in the USA’s bracket for round two, so he’s actually setting them up for more heartbreak. Pure genius.

Brett Lawrie, 2B: Lawrie might have won the prestigious Least Valuable Player (LVP) award for Round One of the WBC. He pinch-ran with two outs in the ninth inning of Canada’s first game, and the next batter flied out to end the game. And he racked up a DNP in game two. So, what the hell else am I supposed to say about that? Why don’t you find something remotely interesting aboot that performance?


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