Just what the Astros need: getting older and fatter


By Josh Mosley

The Astros have been having some issues with who will be crouching down behind the plate when the season starts. With that being said, the ‘Stros have expressed some interest in 14 time All-Star Pudge Rodriguez.

Here’s the thing though- Houston’s infield averages about 73.4 years old so getting Pudge behind the plate at Minute Maid isn’t exactly going to move this team away from the AARP line and toward the fountain of youth. Pudge can still bring it though. He’s a career .301 hitter and is still not one to try and steal a base on.

But the Astros are flipping old. And they aren’t really giving a yes or no on what the deal is with him. No doubt it would be an upgrade for the short term. And the fat man did start his career in Texas so it would be a nice way to wrap things up. Plus he would probably have good success against NL pitching.

Let’s just hope his old ass doesn’t strain his back. Or break a hip. Or keel over and die. Get it? Cause he’s old.

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