Cubs jump the Shark

by Andy Paschen


Jeff Sam … Sam … Sam … Sam-not-gonna-pitch-in-the-starting rotation-anymore. Lou Piniella told the press that the Shark isn’t going to take that 5th starter spot from Sean Marshall, as reported by the Chicago Tribune.That’s what happens when your spring ERA is 9.90.

This move is probably the best all things considered, as Samardzija will be a welcome sight coming out of the bullpen. If there is any question about these Cubs that doesn’t include the phrase, “Are the Cubs going to blow it big in the playoffs again?” it is the relief corps. Trusting Aaron Heilman and Luis Vizcaino seems like a bad idea. And I know a thing or two about bad ideas — I’m still waiting for Angel Guzman to win that Cy Young I predicted in high school.

This, combined with the word that Mike Fontenot is going to start at second over fellow squirt Aaron Miles means there really aren’t and more position battles of interest going on. Sure, there’s the question of a bench or reliefe role here or there, but those should be of minimal consequence.


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