Bye Bye Barton

By Josh Mosley
Sad times for this guy. The next round of roster cuts came down for the Cardinals and one of the cuttees (cutters, cutted, etc.) was outfielder Brian Barton. Barton was in the show for all of 2008, batting .268 in 82 games played in 2008. Barton, Mitchell Boggs and Adam Ottavino were just some of the names that were reassigned to the minors today.

But I’m here to talk about Barton. He might not have been a game changer on the field but you always could spot dude whenever he was out there. He might have been the most marketable looking guy on the team just by the mere fact that he had his dreads flowing out the back of his hat like the Predator.

Little known fact, the guy was an aerospace engineering major in his college days at Loyola Marymont and Miami. So whenever that inevitable space game happens in the majors, the Cards will be one potential astronaut short. Sweet move, Cards. No space ball for you.

And another thing, if I can get socially aware for a minute: in a league where the number of black players is dwindling, as a black playa myself (see what I did there), it was good to see him getting some clock. I’d bet that Barton gets another look from the majors this season, so all is not lost. Still, I’m going to miss that flopping Bob Marley-esque ‘do swaying to and fro on spring and summer afternoons.


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One response to “Bye Bye Barton

  1. The Dog

    C’mon Mosley….of all people, I wouldn’t expect you to play “that” card.

    The only reason Barton stayed in the majors all year last year is because he was a Rule 5 draft pickup. The rules state that these rule 5 pickups must stay in the big leagues all year or be returned to their old team.

    I feel like the number of Americans in general (not just black players) is dwindling in the MLB. The rest of the world is taking over…but America still has the most nukes, so we could always resort to that, haha.

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