The Second Best Chuck V in Milwaukee Sports?



By Danny Mehigan

So, as Spring Training continues on, the rosters are beginning to take shape. Well, and more players keep getting hurt. Trevor Hoffman has a strained oblique. And Ryan Braun has strained right intercostal muscles that kept him out of tonight’s fantastic comeback WBC win over Puerto Rico (USA! USA! USA!). Oh, and Mike Cameron returned to typical form with an excessive amount of strikeouts and strong head shiny-ness after sitting out a few days with an intercostal strain. Until a few days ago, I had absolutely no idea what that injury was. And I still don’t, but I never studied medicine so why the hell are you coming to me for that stuff anyway? Damn kids.

Oh wait, the whole point of this here update was to tell you that Carlos Villanueva sucks. He was supposed to lock down the 8th inning set-up role in camp and yell at Albert Pujols some more (as pictured above) in 2009. But his spring has been brutal at best. And Tuesday was no different.

With the Crew holding a 5-2 lead in the eighth against the Giants, Chuck V gave up a 3-run inside-the-park home run to Ryan Rohlinger (yeah, the same one as my last update … holy shit, he’s so much better than me!). And to top it off, in the bottom of the ninth, Jesus Guzman hit a walk-off two-run bomb that cleared the 430 foot wall with plenty of room to spare. Chalk up another Brewers loss, and new manager Ken Macha voiced his displeasure with Villanueva afterwards, openly pining for someone like Todd Coffey or Seth McClung to step up. No word yet on if anyone was listening.

Spring stats so far for Carlos: 8.1 IP, 13 H, 8 R. Command struggles. And, likely now, confidence struggles. Uh oh.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, the best Chuck V is Charlie Villanueva of the Bucks. The only NBA player badass enough to “twitter” during halftime of a game against the Celtics. I hate the idea of Twitter, and I don’t plan on using it – but this is by far the best usage of it.


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