Cubs Relievers: What if they’re all awful?


Luis Viacaino


Jeff Samardzija

Chad Gaudin and his abortion of a beard

Chad Gaudin

I know, I KNOW, spring training doesn’t mean shit. But I’m growing concerned. Let’s look at some Cubs pitching ERAs shall we? Kevin Hart: 6.14, Luis Vizcaino: 5.06, Jeff Samardzija 9.90, Chad Gaudin: 11.17, Jose Ascanio: 12.71, Angel Guzman 14.40. That’s about as uncomfortable as having the door held open when there are two sets of doors.

(Do I thank them the first time or the second time? If I don’t thank them the first time they are going to think I’m a jackass, but I shouldn’t have to thank them for the second set of doors, right? I mean, how many actions does one thank you cover? Someone get the Seinfeld gang on this.)

I know I made an earlier post noting that Luis Vizcaino might lose his bullpen spot, but who the hell to? Remember when I said this: the bullpen will be the bane of this year’s Chicago Cubs. Whether they suck hard enough to blow them their already assumed playoff spot has yet to be determined.


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