The Man takes some pity on Miguel

Is that a fart?

Is that a fart?

By Josh Mosley

In the latest case of Celebrity Justice (irony right?), federal judges gave Miggy Tejadaa break as they sentenced him to one year of unsupervised probation, a 5G fine and some community circuit according to the Houston Chronicle.

Tejada would be rubbing his wrist right now if in fact the law gave him anything resembling a slap in that area. I’m not saying that Tejada did anything that warrants time in the clink or that he needs to be put any place where the word “shiv” is thrown around so freely, I think the real story here is just how far out of jurisdiction I think the federal government has come. It’s really grinded the hell out of my gears the fact that federal government feels they need to have any say in what the MLB does with their drug program. It would be like me wanting a say in the bigotry protocol of the KKK. I care to a certain extent about what they do because they, you know, persecute. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to go over there and tell them how to fix their way of hating different people. I’d just let them look like jabroni’s all on their own because you know they do a good enough job of it by themselves.

Either way, Tejada got no deportation, no jail time and nothing even remotely restrictive. Proving once again that all of us that put our effort into school, being good people and living good lives were clearly wasting our time. If you can throw a ball, crack a joke or sing on key, it’s as good as being bulletproof. Well unless you’re Ricky Clemons. GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!


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