ESPN tells you everything you need to know about OUR beat

by Andy Paschen

So I’m sitting on the couch watching Baseball Tonight (at 2:54 PM Central) while recovering from Influenza (the real kind, the kind that you are supposed to get a vaccine for. Let me tell you one thing, there is a reason that people get a vaccine, holy crap it sucks!) and they are doing the preview for the N.L. Central. Hey! The N.L. Central is our beat, get off of our turf ESPN!

Here are some important things to note from the gang over there in Bristol:

Tim Kurkjian thinks this is the year the Reds take the leap. Timmy thinks that without Adam Dunn and Ken Griffey Jr. the younger players can step up and be leaders. They can run, they’re young — but they have Jerry Hairston Jr. in the outfield, so I would be cautiously optimistic at best.

Other things of note:
Buster Olney’s N.L. Central Cy Young winner: Chris Carpenter
Olney’s MVP: Albert Pujols
Olney’s division champion: Chicago Cubs
N.L. Central winner according to “the computer”: Chicago Cubs at 92-70, followed by the Brewers, Astros, Cardinals, Reds and Pirates

Finally, they named their top five fantasy players:
1. Pujols
2. Ryan Braun
3. Carlos Lee
4. Lance Berkman
5. Alfonso Soriano

I’m ok with that top five for the most part, but is everybody else? Who do you think are the five best fantasy players in the N.L. Central? Personally I would put Aramis Ramirez in Soriano’s slot, but that’s just nitpicking for the sake of nitpicking.


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