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Cubs series recap: Hey! Get away from that ledge!

Dont jump! You have so much to live for! Like when Tyler Perry stops making movies!

Don't jump! You have so much to live for! Like when Tyler Perry stops making movies!

If you listen closely, you can hear it. There it was — did you hear it? No, not Eminem following the career path of Weird Al Yankovic and single-handedly destroying his place in hip-hop history for the rest of eternity. The sound you’re listening for isn’t a train wreck. Hold your ear to the sky and you can hear thousands of Cubs fans sucking in air — gasping if you will. They are holding their breath, ready to throw Cubs’ season into the toilet. Listen folks, step away from that ledge, let me reason with you. The season isn’t over, hope isn’t lost. Here’s why:

Injuries: I cannot state this enough (which is good because I posted about it yesterday), when your good players are hurt your team doesn’t play as well as it should. Aramis Ramirez, Milton Bradley, Derrek Lee, Geovany Soto, Carlos Marmol: Suffice to say they need to be in the lineup for the Cubs to win. Since we talked about this yesterday, I’m going to move on. UPDATE: Aramis Ramirez is going to test his calf today, and if it’s not ready to go he’s headed to the DL. Huge blow.

Weather: The way this team is set up, offense is going to lead to Ws more than defense is going to. Since I can remember, April in Chicago is always a shitty month, no matter what. Cold weather = little offense. True, it could be said that this doesn’t explain their hitting woes in Florida or Arizona, but in a way it does. Ask baseball players (which I do, in my head) how important consistency is, how important rhythm is and they’ll tell you that it is crucial. So going from 30s and 40s to 60s and 70s is tough in terms of keeping your routine consistent. Once America starts heating up to a relatively uniform temperature, the Cubs hitting woes should melt away.

Luck: Like I said yesterday, again, only four everyday players are hitting over .250 (Alfonso Soriano, Kosuke Fukudome, Ryan Theriot and Ramirez) and given Ramirez’s current situation it means really only three Opening Day starters are hitting like a competant baseball player. Show of hands, who here thinks that nearly the entire team, a team that was one of the top offenses last year, is going to keep hitting .250? Put your hand down.

So let’s take a deep breath, step back from that ledge/move the toaster away form the bathtub/put the gun down/take that Barnes & Noble plastic bag off of your head and wait until June to decide whether or not the Cubs’ goose is cooked or not. Onto the games:

Cubs lose the series to the Arizona Diamondbacks: L-W-L
Cubs Series Record: 3-3-1 (10-10 overall)

Bullpen Grade:
B+. David Patton began his climb back to being trusted after giving up that Albert Pujols moonshot, with 1 ER (2 R) in 2 IP.
Tuesday: A. Angel Guzman pitched two scoreless. El Pobrecito looking sharp! Looks like my 2002 prediction of an Angel Guzman Cy Young is coming to fruition! Let’s see if I can predict anything else right now that will happen 7 years from now. Hmmm …
Wednesday: D-. Carlos Marmol imploded. 4 BB and 4 ER. If his pitches were any farther from the plate Koyie Hill would have needed mapquest to find them.

Bullpen season GPA: 2.67 (B-) GPA through 20 games.

Monday’s Goat: Every hitter except Alfonso Soriano and Mike Fontenot. 3 hits? Yikes.
Tuesday’s Hero: Carlos Zambrano. 7 IP while surrendering only 3 ER is nice, but going 3-4 with a triple short of the cycle is nicer. Maybe those ground balls at third base earlier in the week is as fantastical as a wizard riding a unicorn down Michigan avenue.
Wednesday’s Goat: Everyone. All of ’em. Total garbage. 2 HITS?! Against DOUG BLEEPING DAVIS? If you were looKing for a Cubs low-water mark in this early season, you just found it. When Doug Davis is mowing you down then it’s time to regroup and find out what poor life decisions you’ve made in the past and change them. Getting dominated by Doug Davis is like waking up in a foreign place after a night of heavy drinking. It doesn’t really matter what happened last night, just so long as you learned your lesson and don’t let it happen again (even though it probably will).

Hero/Goat season leaders:
Hero Squad:
Fukudome, Soriano, Ramirez, Zambrano – 2.
Fontenot, Johnson, Lilly, Ramirez – 1.
Goat Bastards:
Bradley, Patton – 2.
Cotts, Fontenot, Gregg, Harden, Hoffpauir – 1.



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Brewers and Pirates: The Dominance Continues

by Danny Mehigan

Hells Bells, bitches. Get used to it.

Hells Bells, bitches. Get used to it.

Okay, let’s get the important information out of the way first. The Brewers have now beaten the Pirates 15 straight times. In terms of games solely at Miller Park, Milwaukee has defeated Pittsburgh 18 straight times. That’s some Harlem Globetrotters over the Washington Generals type shit, but with less confetti. That’s like the rest of the NFL against the Detroit Lions, but with less Matt Millen. It’s like the Somalian pirates aboard the Maersk Alabama against Navy snipers, but with less freed hostages.

Monday – Brewers 10, Pirates 5: The Crew used the long ball (like they ever do anything else) to win going away on Monday night. Ryan Braun hit a bomb in the first inning, Rickie Weeks hit a 3-run shot and Mike Cameron added a solo jack as well. After the bullpen blew a 5-1 lead, the Brewers scored five in the 8th to re-take the lead. Trevor Hoffman finally made his debut with a clean 9th inning in a non-save situation. The fun got started when Braun got drilled in the back by Jeff Karstens in the third inning and tempers flared. Jason Kendall got hit twice later on, but Braunie made some inciteful comments after the game about “retaliation coming soon.” Rabble rousing initiated.

Tuesday – Brewers 6, Pirates 5: Rabble rousing continues! Dave Bush hits three Pittsburgh hitters, but there were no warnings. No fights. No nothing. Talk about a letdown. The Pirates led 5-1 in the 5th, but two runs in the 5th and three in the 6th gave Milwaukee the lead and the bullpen locked it down with four shutout innings. Hoffman got his first save as “Hells Bells” officially gets its new home. Rickie Weeks continues to make errors at the rate of a Little League player, but his oh-fense still keeps him afloat.

Wednesday – Brewers 1, Pirates 0: Two words: Yovani. Gallardo. For all the haters that thought Gallardo wasn’t going to be an ace to replace Ben Sheets or CC Sabathia, why don’t you take a look at his last three starts and get ready to taste it for years to come? Today’s episode included 8 innings pitched, two hits for the opposition, one walk and 11 hitters told to sit down and shut up (yes Dr. Einstein, those would be strikeouts). And when his offense refused to help him out, he hit a solo home run deep into the bleachers. Ian Snell pitched very well for the Pirates but Yo feels no remorse.

Hot Fire Player of the Series: Gallardo. See directly above.

Weak Sauce Player of the Series: It’s always a good thing when this category has few deserving recipients. I’m going to go with Jason Kendall simply because his offense has been atrocious all season (.164 batting average) and he only has one extra-base hit in 55 ABs. He went 0-for-6 against the Pirates, though he did draw two walks and get hit twice. In other news, J.J. Hardy fought hard for the award by going 0-for-10. But since Mike Rivera sprained his ankle on Tuesday and just hit the disabled list, Kendall is the Crew’s only healthy catcher. Get your game up, Jason.

Records: 11-10, tied for 2nd in the Central. 5-4 at home.

Next up: The Diamondbacks come into Miller Park for a four-game series … the only starting pitcher not to throw will be Gallardo.

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Here is your Cubs medical report

by Andy Paschen

The Chicago Cubs offense is pathetic right now. True, they are a middling 7th in runs scored in the N.L., 7th in BA and 9th in OBP, which isn’t technically pathetic, but recently they have been a disappointment.The Cubs had one earned run over four games last week (the last two Cincy games and the first two Cardinals games). 1 ER in 36 innings. Woof.

Part of the reason can be placed on unreasonable expectations given to a team with recent success in the regular season and the fact that just four regulars are hitting over .250 (Kosuke Fukudome, Aramis Ramirez, Ryan Theriot and Alfonso Soriano are the only everyday Cubs producing consistently), but really, the injury bug has bitten the baby bears. It hasn’t been a real bug though (no Cub has hit the DL yet) more like a bad cold that just won’t go away.

Milton Bradley – day-to-day (groin)
Diagnosis: The Meth Bear‘s groin has limited him to 28 at-bats through Tuesday. The injury seems to have the power to defy the laws of time and medicine, getting neither better or worse some two or three odd weeks after he was injured. The groin is a sensitive area (you’re telling me!) and as John Salmons over in the NBA has shown, the only way to truly defeat it is to rest it.

Prognosis: He has played in two consecutive games for the first time since getting injured during the Arizona series, and collected two hits in the first contest. Hopefully the combination of time and warm weather in Arizona will continue the healing process, but the problem is the return, where the Cubs probably won’t see a thermometer reading over 65 for the next two series. Basically: When Chicago warms, Bradley will thaw. Until then, I wouldn’t count on anything.

Derrek Lee: day-to-day (neck spasms)
Diagnosis: Apparently (seriously, this is news to me) Derrek has been battling disc problems for hte better part of two years now, which is why he occasionally gets pulled from the lineup for neck and back spasms. I always though it was the wrist injury that kept him from coming on strong, but the neck and the back are the true smoking guns here.

Prognosis: Listen people, Derrek Lee isn’t a 3-4-5 hitter anymore. Sure the season is as young as a Chinese gymnast, but .209 1 HR and 10 RBI from the three spot in one of the better lineups in the N.L. is piss poor. Even if he does come back, it’s time for him to move out of his spot in the order and continue to shuffle the lineup.

Aramis Ramirez: day-to-day (strained calf)
Diagnosis: Of anyone on the list, this is the most worrisome. Not only is the calf much more serious than any of the other injuries discusses here, but Aramis Ramirez’s production in the lineup cannot be replaced. It is absolutely critical, without equivocation. Remember when I offered you a glimpse of The Ghost of Cubs’ Future without Ramirez? Scary. Plus, I have him pegged as the Cubs MVP this year an to have his best statistical season in the red and blue, so my pride’s on the line as well. Get your act together calf.

Prognosis: Honestly, who in Ice Cube’s Amazonian adventure knows? He’s listed as day-to-day, but if he isn’t back in the lineup within the week I’m might start freaking out he’ll be the first victim of the DL. Without Ramirez to negate the shell of a player that Lee is, the beefy part of the Cubs order starts to look extremely flaccid.

Geovany Soto: no injury? (shoulder?)
Diagnosis: Are we sure this guy’s shoulder is all healed up? Let’s look at his numbers thus far:
2009 season (first 15 games): .119 BA, 0 HR, 2 RBI, .275 OBP.
2008 season (first 15 games): .305 BA, 2 HR, 13 RBI, .403 OBP.
Sure, if we factor in the shoulder injury and the sample size it is very conceivable that this is more anomaly than trend. It is too early to say either way. But clearly something is bothering him.

Prognosis: Personally, I believe that his former WBC teammate Yadier Molina put some bad Juju on Geovany without telling him and stole his hitting prowess. How else do you explain Yadier’s numbers? .353 BA, 2 HR, 12 RBI, .423 OBP … you’re not fooling me witch doctor. If you want to suck someone of talent, try this guy. If that doesn’t work, I’m calling up Julio Zuleta and a Greek orthodox priest and we’re holding a good old fashioned seance. I’ll bring the Ouija board.

UPDATE: Not to mention, the current Cubs game being played as I typed this was 9-0 Diamondbacks in the 8th. Nothing like mustering two hits in seven innings against all-world beater Doug Davis. Christ.

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Quotables: I wrote this down so I can remember it five years from now

by Andy Paschen

One of the great things about the interweb is its function as one giant tape recorder. If you say something remotely near a camera, recorder — really anything with a red circle on it — it’s going to go onto the world wide web and stay there. Forever. Well, until those damn, dirty apes take over. So in five years, when the quote I have diligently recorded comes to light, I hope someone calls out the creator of said quote for being decidedly stupid.

From the lips of Peter King after being peeled off of Brett Favre’s ass, about NFL fans declaring #1 pick Matthew Stafford a bust:

“Those fans are stupid. Quote me on that. Here’s what I would say about all this Johnny-come-lately criticism of Matthew Stafford. And again I’m not his PR guy … Here’s a guy who’s got one of the best arms to come out in years, he’s very bright, you ask the guys on his team if they like him — they go to war for him — and all of a sudden this guy is a worthless piece of crap? What has gotten into the fans who think that they know more than the people who are doing the draft? … Why do we think Matthew Stafford is a bum?”

Well Pete (can I call you Pete?) here’s the rub: We think Mr. Stafford is a bum because the Detroit Lions went 0-16, and if he plays a single down for the hapless kitty cats any talent that he has is going to be sucked from him dry. No offensive line, no running game, one receiver and no defense. That is precisely how you don’t break in a rookie quarterback. As for Stafford, well, he completed a measly 57% of his passes in college. As my friend Joe Richardson told me, no 1st round QB worth shit in the league passes under 60% in college. Doesn’t happen. Look it up, Joe Richardson did.

Finally, put a $78 millon dollar cherry on top ($41.7 guaranteed) and you have just made a bust sundae tailored to Matthew Stafford’s exact specifications. Eat up Pete, because the indigestion is coming around five years from now.

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Cubs Recap: Games, what games?

by Andy Paschen


Oh, hell there. I didn’t see you come in. What’s that? You’re wondering where is my Cubs recap against the hated Cardinals? It ain’t here. Sorry. Apparently, when you rock one of the Cubs players in the dome with a pitch the concussion (though I don’t think Soriano got one) can be contagious to blog reporters.  But you can read about some of the game from Josh’s post, and for atonement I am going to give you things much more entertaining. Trust me. You’ll be begging me to never recap another game again. But first, let’s get some Cubs related shit out of the way before we move on.

Tangent: I met Ozzie Guillen yesterday. True story. He was at an event I was helping out with. Let me tell you how it all went down.

Me: “Hey Ozzie.”
Ozzie: “Hello.”


That brings the number of famous people I have met up to Kate Mara, Charlie Cox, Ozzie Guillen, D’Wayne Bates, John Paxson and  the man, the myth, the legend: Barack Obama. What a collection!

Anyway, back to the Cubs. I’m not gonna say much about this stuff. Think of it like speed dating, if the girl across from you was a random piece of Cubs information.

Cubs lose the series: L-L-W
Cubs Series Record: 3-2-1 (9-8 overall)

Bullpen Grade:
C. Carlos Marmol blew the tie.
Saturday: D. David Patton blew chunks (5 ER).
Sunday: B. A blow free game.

Bullpen season GPA: 2.67 (B-) GPA through 17 games.

Friday’s Goat: Carlos Marmol. See above.
Saturday’s Goat: David Patton. Ditto.
Sunday’s Hero: Kosuke Fukudome. 3-5 1 HR 5 RBI. Domo arigato, Mr. Fukumato.

Hero/Goat season leaders:
Hero Squad:
Fukudome, Soriano, Ramirez – 2.
Fontenot, Johnson, Lilly,  Zambrano, Ramirez – 1.
Goat Bastards:
Bradley, Patton – 2.
Cotts, Fontenot, Gregg, Harden, Hoffpauir – 1.

Right, now let’s get to the good stuff. Recently I have come across an explosion of Web sites of pure genius. not because they are especially well done, but because they take the most important part of the internet and exploit it like a poor 18-year-old in LA’s porn district. Attention span. You need nil to read these websites. They are niche sites that work. Enjoy. – Remember when you were driving in your hoopdie and you were listening to Lil Wayne, when he rapped: “Dear Mr. toilet, I’m the shit.” And then you thought to yourself, Worst. Boasting. Ever. Well Snacks and Shit takes your favorite bad rap lyrics and points out how bad they are.

Example: “Where the fuck is Queens? Where the fuck is Queens? Where the fuck is Queens?” – Pharoahe Monch. Filed under: The WORST back seat driver of all time. – Remember that text you sent last night after the fifth of Goldschlager you pounded? I bet you don’t. fortunately Texts from last night does. It truly is comedy gold.

Example: (601): How can something that makes you feel so good one day make you feel so bad the next?
(318): Alcohol?
(601): Sex with a fat chick. – Go to Straight Cash Homey to laugh at people who do not know how to spend their money on sports memerobilia properly. Nothing says, “My life didn’t turn out the way I had hoped,” quite like a Samaki Walker LA Lakers jersey.

Example: Let’s just say a lot of people liked Keith Van Horn. – This Web site has the added bonus of having a domain name that pretty much sums up the entirety of the site. Just like Straight Cash Homey, except the jerseys are babies.

Example: You’ll have to see it to believe it.

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Brewers and Astros: YoGa! YoGa! YoGa!

By Danny Mehigan

"Don't bring that weak shit in here!" - Mike Cameron, to Humberto Quintero's face

"Don't bring that weak shit in here!" - Mike Cameron, to Humberto Quintero's face

The SAT v2.0: What the hell am I talking about?

Q: “That’s two thus far, Shooter.”

I. Brewers series wins in 2009.

II. Consecutive wins with Jeff Suppan on the mound.

III. McGavin’s shot total when he reached the green on the 18th hole at the Tour Championship.

A: It’s the last one, you idiot. It’s clearly a movie line. That’s where I get 95% of my jokes. You know I’m not clever on my own.

And that’s your lesson of the week, folks. Sure all three answers are right, but somehow only the third is right. So it is just like the SAT. Have fun getting into your dream school with that awful score … in YO face!

Friday – Brewers 5, Astros 2: John Belusi and the rest of the Deltas probably want a toga party, but I’ll settle for a celebration of Yovani Gallardo (Editor’s note: I’ll be leaving Midwest Swing for the New York Post as soon as a copyeditor job comes open, which should be anytime now). Gallardo threw a complete game gem, only giving up a 2-run bomb to Carlos “El Caballo” Lee. He was quite masterful, but more on him later. The Crew finally broke through against Felipe Paulino in the fourth with four straight RBI singles and Slick Rick Weeks added a Jimmy Jack Snack Pack (read: home run) to round out the scoring. The play of the game, however, came when J.J. Hardy singled to right and Mike Cameron tried to score. The throw beat him home, and the result is pictured above. Humberto Quintero is on the disabled list with a strained shoulder (and probably sore ladyparts as well), while Killa Cam is still playing.

Saturday – Brewers 9, Astros 8 (11 innings): I can’t tell if this was a resilient comeback win or a let’s-blow-it-twice-and-get-lucky win. Either way, it wrapped up the second straight series for the Crew thanks to Ryan Braun‘s RBI single in the top of the 11th. Right after Milwaukee scored twice in the 8th to take a 6-4 lead, Todd Coffey blew it by giving up three in the bottom half. Prince Fielder hit his second dinger of the night, a 2-run shot, to give Milwaukee the lead again in the top of the 9th. Not to be outdone, Carlos Villanueva blew the save by no fault of his own. With two outs and a man on second, Bill Hall made an awful throw to first after picking up a grounder. When Prince couldn’t scoop it, the ‘Stros had tied it again. But when Braun’s single won it in the 11th, Mil-town could celebrate a 3-hit, 4 RBI day from Hall, 4 hits from Braun, 2 doubles from Hart, 6 decent innings from Suppan and most importantly, another win.

Sunday – Astros 3, Brewers 2: The Spacemen took the series finale in close but relatively uneventful fashion.

Told you it was boring. This guy reported grabbed a siesta for 7 of the 9 innings on Sunday.

Told you it was boring. This guy reportedly grabbed a siesta for 7 of the 9 innings on Sunday.

*We don’t get in-person photos much, so it had to be used. Good work, secret Midwest Swing investigative photographer. That’s the thing people, we’re everywhere. Keep your head on a swivel, because MWS is watching.*

Russ Ortiz locked down the Brewer bats for five innings and Pudge Rodriguez went deep while throwing out two runners. Manny Parra took the loss despite only giving up one earned run in five innings. He gave up two unearned when Slick Rick knocked down a line drive headed his way, but since it wasn’t fourth down and this isn’t football, it was not a good idea. The Crew had some opportunities late, especially in the 7th inning when the first two got on base in front of Braun, Fielder and co., but nobody could drive in the trying run. Even with the loss, the Brewers finish the road trip with a 5-4 record and head back home pleased with their general direction.

Hot Fire Player of the Series: I wanted to go non-obvious here, but I can’t do it. Yovani Gallardo takes the cake with his complete game masterpiece on Friday night. His first career complete game consisted of 106 pitches, no walks, seven strikeouts, only five hits and one very awesome cheering section (Gallardo was born in Mexico, grew up in Fort Worth, Texas) that somehow snuck down to the seats behind the Brewers dugout and went nuts as he finished the job. The runner-up goes to Mike Cameron, who went 5-for-11 with 3 doubles, 2 RBI, 2 walks, some highlight-reel catches and gets extra bonus points for the aforementioned knockout of Quintero.

Weak Sauce Player of the Series: It’s tough to get in a rhythm when you barely get at-bats, but Brad Nelson is avoiding rhythm like the swine flu (Yeah, I read the main section of the paper, too. Taste it.) Nelson got his first start of the year on Sunday and went 0-for-4 while leaving five men on base, including a strikeout with the bases loaded. He’s now 0-for-12 with five strikeouts on the season. I felt the need to give him the business here because he’ll probably be in the minors before I have the chance to do it again. So get your game up, Brad. The people want production.

Records: 8-10, 5th in the Central. 6-6 on the road.

Next up: The Crew finally heads home for a 3-game set with the Pirates. I hope it’s the Somalian ones. That way, it’d be an easy kill for our government, not to mention an easy win for the Brewers, since I doubt those Pirates are any good at baseball. Braden Looper, Dave Bush and Yovani Gallardo will do the honors on the mound.


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Cards/Cubs: Two out of three ain’t bad (Some famous dude sang that, right?)

He's not a machine. He's just a badass.

He's not a machine. He's just a badass.

By Josh Mosley

Is it just me or does it seem like these two squads locked horns last week? Oh they did???? Well in my face, huh? Anyway these two teams love to hate each other or some other bunk ass cliche’ like that. And with last week’s four gamer getting cut short by Baseball God’s lifelong nemesis (that pesky bitch known as rain) the series ended with the Baby Bears taking two of three and claiming a default series win. So time to right the ship. Seriously, I’ve got to find some more original sayings. JAMON!!!!!!!!!

Friday: The previous four games that had been played in this series had been about as air tight as CC Sabathia’s pants post Thanksgiving dinner. So no one was shocked that the opener came down to a the wire. But I bet nobody thought it would come down to the legs, and not the bat, of Albert Pujols. Albert channeled his inner Benny “the Jet” Rodriguez and swiped second base in the bottom of the eighth inning before a single by Ryan Ludwick put the Cards ahead 4-3. Kyle McClellan got his first win of the season and Franklin closed it out. All she wrote. End game. You ain’t gotta go but you got to get the hell outta here!!!! Cards win 4-3.

Saturday: “Well that escalated quickly”—Ron Burgandy. He wasn’t doing guest commentary for the game but that would have been he would have been an upgrade to the FS Midwest crew. Despite loading up the bases, the Cubbies were in striking distance at 3-1 in the seventh inning. Then Pujols decided to go into destruction mode (that ESPN commercial wasn’t fooling anyone, Pujols. You’re all machine, pal) as he sent a David Patton delivery into the left field bleachers. The school air conditioner blew a fuse and everyone got sent home as the lead got pushed to 7-1. A few more insurance runs tacked on and that was your game. St. Louis wins the series. Cards win 8-2.

Sunday: Is it just me or is Todd Wellemayer incapable of a quality start this month. He’s looked the shakiest of all the Cardinals starter in each of his starts thus far and Sunday was no different. He spotted the Cubs four runs in the first two innings, including a pitchers biggest no-no of walking in a run. And try as they might, the Cards couldn’t complete the comeback. Homers from Micah Hoffpauir and Kosuke Fukudome (he ended up with five RBI’s) put the game out of reach in the late innings. So went the nine-game home win streak and the rivals are tied at six games a piece through the first two series of 2009. Cubs win 10-3.

Hotfire Player of the Series: It would be easy to give this one to Pujols, with him being superhuman and all, but I’m going to go against the grain and go with newbie Joe Thurston. Appearing in all three games (two starts, one pinch hit) Thurston went 3 for 7 with 3 RBI’s. Thurston has been good in his Tommy Saunders-like role (Mizzou football fans know what that means) being reliable in tough spots and consistently steady this season. The Cards have a way of getting bit by the injury bug from time to time so ultimately he’ll be valued for much of 2009 if used sparingly. Big ups to Joe Thurston.

Weak Sauce Player of the Series: The aforementioned Todd Wellemayer. Too easy? Perhaps. But something has to be done. He hasn’t made it past the sixth this entire season. He’s gone over 100 pitches his last two outings. It seems like this is a season long honor but it just needs to be said. It’ll be interesting to see how Dave Duncan and TLR wants to address this.

Next up: the Cards head down to the dirty to keep the Braves down in A-Town.


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