Carpenter strains calf (why am I reporting this?)


By Josh Mosley

Per a blog post on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, former Cy Young hurler and Blues emergency 12th string netminder Chris Carpenter has a strained left calf but he shouldn’t miss too much time. Or so he says. His description of the injury wavered from “it’s getting better each day” to “it was better one day and then the next day I couldn’t even walk.”


Personally I’m not sounding the fire alarms on this one as a calf injury can be fixed with rest. It also can be fixed with a realization that this is friggin’ SPRING TRAINING and that a guy like Carp has thrown enough this spring to show that he’s ready to go. So get off your feet until next week and revert back to Steady Freddy form that won you the Cy Young.

Because let’s be honest here folks: the last two seasons have seen a who’s who of names written in the Cards rotation to try and make up for the Cards lack of steady pitching (hence forth the epidemic is called “CARP-el tunnel..). Kyle McClellan, Anthony Reyes and Adam Wainwright to name a few. Wainwright and McClellan have panned out to an extent but the rest of them? Nowhere as effective as Carp was from 2003-2006. And no one was asking them to win the Cy Young or 20 games, but just stop the hemorrhaging of a staff that could bleed out without a go to guy.

So Carpenter’s full health is essential to a staff of him, Wainwright, Kyle Lohse, Joel Piniero and whoever gets the shot at the five spot. Maybe McClellan, maybe some other schlub.

Maybe Bob Gibson dips a toe in the fountain of youth and comes back with the hotness. Homeboy’s number is on speed dial so I’m going to run the idea by him.


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