Steve Phillips: You are the opposite of talented

by Andy Paschen

The only thing worse that Steve Phillips? Two Steve Phillipses.

The only thing worse that Steve Phillips? Two Steve Phillipses.

So I’m taking time out of my busy schedule to read’s Baseball Tonight Clubhouse in order to learn more and become a more valuable member of society. Knowledge is power people. Shortly into the segment I come across a little nugget of information written by verified asshat Steve Phillips. When discussing the N.L. Central race, he states that the Cubs are the odds on favorite, but:

Still, we should remember that the St. Louis Cardinals won 86 games a year ago without a single win from Chris Carpenter or Adam Wainwright, both of whom were hurt for a good part of the year. Both are back in the starting rotation this year, so the Cardinals should be a legitimate threat to the Cubs in the division.

What’s the problem with that? Am I just a curmudgeonly crum-bum, whining because he is overrating the Cardinals like everyone else in America? No. It angers me because Wainwright won 11 games last year for the Cardinals not zero, as his sentence implies. How do you mix up 11 wins with zero? Did you take kindergarten? Did you pass? Your job, your single, solitary occupation in life, is to be an expert of baseball. And you failed. Miserably. If ineptitude were a fashion, you’d be the Christian Dior of life.

Steve Phillips: You are the opposite of talented, and may God have mercy on your soul.



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2 responses to “Steve Phillips: You are the opposite of talented

  1. John Juettner

    I also like how even though he basically got run out of town for doing a poor job with the Mets he points out his positives, although very minutely in his new Baseball Tonight commercial.

    He says something to the effect of “And that’s how I discovered David Wright.” As if he were actually out there scouting everyday instead of sitting in a cushy chair. I’m sure he took a look at David Wright, would highly doubt he was the guy who “discovered” Wright’s baseball talents.

  2. Klos

    yeah he is horribly bad, and he is right MAYBE about 1/3 of the time…

    …but in baseball thats a .333 average, and that’s how ESPN judges him. Those kinda career numbers put him in the ESPN HOF. LOL!

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