Cubs Series Recap vs. Brewers: That was a close one

by Andy Paschen


Instead of giving you daily, instant recaps of games that have been played, here at Midwest Swing we are going to recap series instead, in hopes that a different perspective will give some insight and information that went previously unnoticed.

Cubs take the series: L-W-W
Cubs Series Record: 2-0 (4-2 overall)


  • The Cubs went three games into the season without a Kira Sedgwick incident (Kira Sedgwick is THE CLOSER! TNT, we know drama.) and controversy is now afoot. Kevin Gregg is performing at the level of someone who is secretly playing for the opposing team, and sports a beefy 12.00 ERA. If you follow the Cubs, get used to it because there are only three ways that this story can play out, and two of them involve considerable news coverage. One: Gregg could right the ship, stop acting like Joe Borowski’s long lost twin and  this becomes a non-story. But this is real life, that’s not going to happen. Two: Gregg could continue to struggle, costing the Cubs valuable games, but Lou Piniella doesn’t replace him with Carlos Marmol, causing every Cubs’ article for the forseeable future to be about the closing situation. Three: Gregg continues to suck and is replaced by Marmol, who will eventually going through a rough patch, leading to countelss articles debating if Piniella made the right move by replacing Gregg. Adjust your schedule accordingly. My opinion? Give Gregg a few more weeks and if we don’t see improvement plug Mr. Marmol in there.
  • Milton Bradley and Derrek Lee are struggling. Combined numbers for the Cubs 3-4 hitters: 3-42, 1 HR, 5 RBI. Embarassing. To add injury to insult, Bradley came up lame with a right groin strain and was removed from the game Sunday, only to watch his replacement Reed Johnson gave Tom Emanski a boner by robbing Price Fielder’s potential grand slam. As for Lee, he’s clearly not the hitter he used to be, and it might be time to take him out of the 3 spot. Just for funsies, what do you Cubs’ fans think about this lineup? Ryan Theriot, Kosuke Fukudome/Mike Fontenot, Alfonso Soriano, Aramis Ramirez, Bradley, Lee, Geovany Soto, Fontenot/Fukudome. Seems like this collection would do more damage, keep most of the L-R balance and Soriano’s ego would be healed by being the number three hitter.
  • Keep and eye on the Mighty Mouse, Mike Fontenot. The guy is playing at a high level all around. He’s batting .333 with an OPS of 1.033 with walks to boot. On the glove side, in Game three he made huge defensive play in the third, diving to his left and nabbing a J.J. Hardy shot with two on and two out. Run saving play. It was overshadowed by Johnson’s ridiculously ridiculous catch, but it was quite important none the less.

Bullpen Grade:
Monday: C. Aaron Heilman (.1 IP, 1 BB), Marmol (.2 IP, 1 BB) and Luis Vizcaino (.2 IP) were good enough to bridge the win to Keving Gregg, who promptly blew the save.

C. My boy, El Pobrecito (Angel Guzman), gives up the tie with two runs in a third of an inning. But Heilman and Marmol lock it down to allow Soriano to save the game.

B. Sean Marshall and Marmol pitched 2 innings with no hits and no strikeouts. That’s good. Gregg pitched the 9th and surrendered two hits a walk and a run, striking out Fielder, the game tying run, to end it. That’s not good.
Bullpen season GPA: 2.667 (B-) in 6 games. Better start hitting the books a little harder fellas.

Monday’s Goat: Gregg. Blew the save. Blew the game. Not much to say here that we didn’t already touch upon earlier.
Tuesday’s Hero: Soriano. Game winning dinger in the bottom of the ninth. Like Big Pun said: He’s not a player he just crush a lot.  The way he uncoils his body when he hits is like a deadly snake, and thusly he should get a snake-like nickname. Kobe already has Mamba: any suggestions? Leave a comment.
Wednesday’s Hero: Johnson. His catch pretty much won the game. Do you think Bradley would have made that catch if he was still in there?

Hero/Goat season leaders:
Hero Squad:
Fontenot, Fukudome, Johnson, Soriano,  Zambrano – 1
Goat Bastards: Bradley, Cotts, Gregg – 1


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