Steve Phillips: “I’m sorry Lou, I just can’t quit you.”

by Andy Paschen


So, remember when Steve Phillips wasn’t annoying? Neither do I. But I do remember when he made stupid, stupid comments directed toward Lou Piniella that led to one of my first posts here on MWS. And since Sunday’s Cubs – Brewers game was the Sunday Night Baseball game on ESPN, Phillips, Joe Morgan and Jon Miller were in town to announce it. Dear Jon Miller — How do you not want to shove knitting needles every night you announce a game with those two? I digress.

So Stevie decided this would be a good time to apologize to Lou for being an idiot and, of course, like any contrived, public apology it reeked of insincerity and scumbaggotry as explained by the Chicago Tribune:

Phillips told Piniella not to believe what had been written or said, although the tapes suggest otherwise.

I imagine it went something like this:

Steve: “Hey Lou, look, I’m sorry about those comments earlier in the year. I was misquoted, you know how the media is, I think you’re a great manager and I love you.”

Lou: “But Steve, you said it on a radio show where there are like, microphones and people recording and such. I heard your voice when you said those things.”

Steve: “I know, but I was misquoted.”

Lou: “How?”

Steve: “Well, look at the time, I gotta go get ready to help make Sunday Night Baseball nearly unwatchable. Remember: I was misquoted. Byeeee!”

What a piece of work that guy is.


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