Suppan put on timeout

By Danny Mehigan

Soup's new spot for Saturday

Soup's new spot for Saturday

In a move reminiscent of many parents trying to deal with an out-of-control six-year-old, new Brewers manager Ken Macha waited a day for Jeff Suppan‘s misgivings to stew before bringing him aside for a talk.

Macha has decided to move Jeff Suppan back a day in the rotation and start him on Sunday against the Mets rather than his regular turn on Saturday. Thanks to an off day on Thursday, Yovani Gallardo will start Saturday on regular rest against Johan Santana.

Everybody involved has given politically correct, no-feelings-hurt responses concerning Suppan’s awful start to the season, so we can only hope that Macha and pitching coach Bill Castro are dealing with this sternly in-house while being all peachy to the public.

Suppan said the extra day could do a lot of things, but what specifically he didn’t know.

“He feels fine. You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. Do what you do best. Play the game,” Castro said.

It seems like Castro is just talking to give a quote, because that isn’t really advice, but I’m sure that’s just the answer for the media and he’s working through some things with Suppan in the bullpen. Now he’s got an extra day to do just that.

Look, every pitcher struggles, and it’s often more magnified at the begin of the season, but for someone making $12.5 million (12.5 million! For Jeff Suppan!) this year, he has do better than a 12.91 ERA and a 7:2 walk to strikeout ratio.


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