Cubs Series Recap vs. Rockies: RockApril!

by Andy Paschen

Photo credit: Andy Paschen. Writing and photography? That's why they call me the double threat. (note: they do not call me that)

Photo credit: Andy Paschen. Writing and photography? That's why they call me the double threat. (note: they do not call me that)

Instead of giving you daily, instant recaps of games that have been played, here at Midwest Swing we are going to recap series instead, in hopes that a different perspective will give some insight and information that went previously unnoticed.

You taste that Cubs fans? That’s the subtle, smooth flavor of eating your words. You booed Jason Marquis when he was introduced on Tuesday, you booed Jason Marquis Wednesday and for that you were justly punished. Marquis no only shut the Cubs’ bats down, but also showed why he is a professional man of leisure by socking a two run single into center. Don’t blame me though, for I gave Jason Marquis a tepid applause when he was announced. Why? Because he wasn’t good enough to betray us by signing with another team last year and he wasn’t bad enough to cost the Cubs important games: Why boo him?

Cubs split the series: W-L
Cubs Series Record: 2-0-1 (5-3 overall)


  • Walks, walks, walks. On Tuesday, they Cubs drew nine walks. Cubs win. The next game the Cubs draw three walks. Cubs lose. As of Thursday, the Cubs are 4th in the N.L. in walks (2nd if you take out IBBs), which is a very good thing. Lou Piniella wanted high OBP guys and it looks like he’s got them.
  • This is probably the most worthy thing I saw from Wednesday: A friend of a friend of a friend was wearing a Snuggie. I don’t like swearing, but she was wearing a fucking Snuggie. People caught wearing Snuggies should be punished accordingly, though I imagine they are punished by simply being dumb enough to purchase a Snuggie. What, is your arm too cold to movie it from out under the blanket? Life gets a lot harder than arm warmth, buddy, so if you’re struggling with that you might as well pack it in.
  • The Cubs won Tuesday with their JV team. No Milton Bradley, no Aramis Ramirez, no Geovany Soto, no Carlos Marmol? No prob, Bob. But as Wednesday showed (though Soto did come back for that contest) the JV squad can’t play everyday because the consistency just isn’t there.
  • Derrek Lee: 2-3 1 RBI, 2 BB on Tuesday, 3-4 1 HR, 1 RBI on Wednesday. It’s going to be very, very important for Lee to stroke this season. Here’s why: Ramirez, Bradley and Soto have already been hurt (not including the fact that Soto can’t play 130 games every year as a catcher), and Alfonso Soriano is no sure thing not to get hurt. That means that you could see a a lot of games with the heart of the order being Kosuke Fukudome, Lee, Fontenot. Think about it: I trash Fukudome — he steps up. I trash Derrek Lee — he steps up. I feel like Rob Schneider in Surf Ninjas.

Bullpen Grade:
A. Angel “El Pobrecito” Guzman got Ted Lilly out of a jam, and he, Aaron Heilman and Kevin Gregg helped hold the Rockies to one hit. Total.
Wednesday: A-. Rich Harden couldn’t go more than 3 innings, so the bullpen had to show up. 6 innings, 4 hits and 1 HR later they proved they could answer the call. The only blemish between David Patton, Luis Vizcaino, Neal Cotts and El Pobrecito was a Dexter Fowler double in the 8th that plated a run.
Bullpen season GPA: 2.96 (B). This series is the first that the bullpen has aced every test.

Tuesday’s Hero: Ted Lilly. 6 innings of no-hit baseball is an easy way to avoid the “Goat Bastard” label.
Wednesday’s Goat: Rich Harden. 3 innings, 100 pitches, 4 ER. I know that the 8 Ks look good, but not when you can’t make it to the 4th. Also, Mike Fontenot gets the goat for getting hosed at 3rd in the 9th with the game tying run at the plate. You don’t make the first out at 3rd, right? Because of this, Fontenot is our first player to get on the Hero list and the Goat list. Pick a side Fontenot, and I suggest you choose wisely.

Hero/Goat season leaders:
Hero Squad:
Fontenot, Fukudome, Reed Johnson, Lilly, Soriano,  Carlos Zambrano – 1. You know what that is? That’s balance right there.
Goat Bastards: Bradley, Cotts, Fontenot, Gregg, Harden – 1

Up next: A war as old as time. Sort of. The Cardinals come to town, along with their annoying fans and drunk manager.


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