Holy Dominance: Reds vs. Astros

By Danny Mehigan

He Who Pwns The Reds

He Who Pwns The Reds

I know this is a little late, and for that, I apologize. Today is one of those rare days where I actually have something to do at work, so the fun comes a little later.

Tonight, the Reds start a four-game series at the Juice Box in Houston and get the privilege of facing ‘Stros ace Roy Oswalt in the opener.

Roy Oswalt simply owns the Reds. If you take joy in other people’s misery and consider yourself a Reds hater, then check out these splits and laugh heartily.

In 26 starts against Cincinnati, Roy Oswalt has throw 182 innings (exactly 7 per start). He has a whip of 1.08 (pretty damn good). His strikeout to walk ratio is a very high 3.43 (excellent for a starting pitcher). His ERA is a paltry 2.47. And most amazing/hysterical … Oswalt is 23-1 against the Reds. 23-1!! The Reds might as well forfeit tonight and save the bullpen for the rest of the series, amiright?

For some reason, they’ll play the game anyway … so here’s the matchups for the weekend (plus Monday):

Friday: Roy Oswalt (0-2, 6.23) vs. Johnny Cueto (0-1, 6.00).

Saturday: Wandy Rodriguez (0-1, 3.00) vs. Aaron Harang (1-1, 0.64).

Sunday: TBA vs. Edinson Volquez (1-1, 9.64).

Monday: Mike Hampton (1-1, 2.45) vs. Bronson Arroyo (2-0, 4.38).



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2 responses to “Holy Dominance: Reds vs. Astros

  1. Cubs Suck

    D-RO is the man! Simeon baby!!!

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