Weekend: Second City in the Second Season

Game 1: Chicago Bulls vs. Boston Celtics: 11:30, ESPN. UPDATE: 105-103 Bulls. Series 1-0. Derrick Rose scores more points (36) in a game as a rookie than any Bull ever. Including the real Basketball Jesus.

Game 2: Chicago Blackhawks vs. Calgary Flames: 8:00, CSN. UPDATE: 3-2 Hawks. Toews scores two, Khabibulin shuts Calgary down again.

Cubs vs. Cardinals: 2:40, Fox (Ok, it’s not the playoffs. But, it’s as good as you’re going to get in baseball’s regular season.) UPDATE: 7-5 Cubs in 11. Aramis Ramirez knocks a walk-off dinger. Chicago goes 3-3 Saturday (4-4 if you like the Sox). When do you think the last time was that the Bulls and Hawks won playoff games on the same day the Cubs and Sox won regular season games?

Adjust your calendar accordingly. Me? I’m already hunkered down in the Bulls game. 26-26 in the first. Joakim Noah just took an Oop from Derrick Rose and shoved it down the Celtics throat. Cash Money.


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