Cards/Cubs: Two out of three ain’t bad (Some famous dude sang that, right?)

He's not a machine. He's just a badass.

He's not a machine. He's just a badass.

By Josh Mosley

Is it just me or does it seem like these two squads locked horns last week? Oh they did???? Well in my face, huh? Anyway these two teams love to hate each other or some other bunk ass cliche’ like that. And with last week’s four gamer getting cut short by Baseball God’s lifelong nemesis (that pesky bitch known as rain) the series ended with the Baby Bears taking two of three and claiming a default series win. So time to right the ship. Seriously, I’ve got to find some more original sayings. JAMON!!!!!!!!!

Friday: The previous four games that had been played in this series had been about as air tight as CC Sabathia’s pants post Thanksgiving dinner. So no one was shocked that the opener came down to a the wire. But I bet nobody thought it would come down to the legs, and not the bat, of Albert Pujols. Albert channeled his inner Benny “the Jet” Rodriguez and swiped second base in the bottom of the eighth inning before a single by Ryan Ludwick put the Cards ahead 4-3. Kyle McClellan got his first win of the season and Franklin closed it out. All she wrote. End game. You ain’t gotta go but you got to get the hell outta here!!!! Cards win 4-3.

Saturday: “Well that escalated quickly”—Ron Burgandy. He wasn’t doing guest commentary for the game but that would have been he would have been an upgrade to the FS Midwest crew. Despite loading up the bases, the Cubbies were in striking distance at 3-1 in the seventh inning. Then Pujols decided to go into destruction mode (that ESPN commercial wasn’t fooling anyone, Pujols. You’re all machine, pal) as he sent a David Patton delivery into the left field bleachers. The school air conditioner blew a fuse and everyone got sent home as the lead got pushed to 7-1. A few more insurance runs tacked on and that was your game. St. Louis wins the series. Cards win 8-2.

Sunday: Is it just me or is Todd Wellemayer incapable of a quality start this month. He’s looked the shakiest of all the Cardinals starter in each of his starts thus far and Sunday was no different. He spotted the Cubs four runs in the first two innings, including a pitchers biggest no-no of walking in a run. And try as they might, the Cards couldn’t complete the comeback. Homers from Micah Hoffpauir and Kosuke Fukudome (he ended up with five RBI’s) put the game out of reach in the late innings. So went the nine-game home win streak and the rivals are tied at six games a piece through the first two series of 2009. Cubs win 10-3.

Hotfire Player of the Series: It would be easy to give this one to Pujols, with him being superhuman and all, but I’m going to go against the grain and go with newbie Joe Thurston. Appearing in all three games (two starts, one pinch hit) Thurston went 3 for 7 with 3 RBI’s. Thurston has been good in his Tommy Saunders-like role (Mizzou football fans know what that means) being reliable in tough spots and consistently steady this season. The Cards have a way of getting bit by the injury bug from time to time so ultimately he’ll be valued for much of 2009 if used sparingly. Big ups to Joe Thurston.

Weak Sauce Player of the Series: The aforementioned Todd Wellemayer. Too easy? Perhaps. But something has to be done. He hasn’t made it past the sixth this entire season. He’s gone over 100 pitches his last two outings. It seems like this is a season long honor but it just needs to be said. It’ll be interesting to see how Dave Duncan and TLR wants to address this.

Next up: the Cards head down to the dirty to keep the Braves down in A-Town.



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2 responses to “Cards/Cubs: Two out of three ain’t bad (Some famous dude sang that, right?)

  1. Fink!

    Albert stole second in the first game, not third….

    Do you even watch the games Mosley?

  2. dpmehigan

    my favorite part of the series: geovany soto’s reaction after david patton threw a first-pitch fastball right down the cock to pujols with the bases loaded. what an idiot! that ball got blasted …

    as we all know, the only thing better than cardinals fail is good ol’ fashioned cubs fail.

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