Khalil Greene having some issues

From starter to every other day player? Rough stuff

From starter to every other day player? Rough stuff

By Josh Mosley

So word on the street, and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, is that Khalie Greene and Tonic Tone have come to an agreement that will have Khalil going in and out of the line-up to tone down some mental stuff. In order to make good on the boat load of money they are giving Greene, and to prevent the kind of meltdown he had last season, he’ll be used more as a utility guy rather than an everyday shortstop.

All of us at Midwest Swing want to send our deepest thoughts and prayers to Khalil for a speedy recovery.

Now that we got that bag of bogus out the way let’s comment. Anxiety is an issue that does plague a good number of people in a variety of ways every year. We all get anxious. I get anxious. Here’s what gets me uneasy:

-Finding a full time job
-Enjoying life
-The rapid decrease in quality porn websites
-More Paul Walker movies

But the Khalil, who I am temporarily stripping of the nickname I gave him “Kal El” until he finds a pair, probably doesn’t have that much to worry about. He’s an everyday player in a town that worships baseball. And he’s rich. A friend of mine asked what Kanye West had to be so melancholy about in 808’s and Heartbreak saying, “You have no reason to be an emo. You’re rich.”

Very true. The phrase “Money can’t buy you happiness” is bullshit. What do you use to buy happy pills? Money. Duckets. Benjamins. Scrill. Money brought happiness to the Yankees in the late 90’s. The Cubs are trying to buy happiness now with the off-season work they do.

I guess Khalil could be solaced if TLR didn’t shuffle the lineup or gave some semblance of consistency in the lineup. But that won’t happen. Tony’s old, set in his ways and has two rings. He won’t be questioned by your weak sauce level of managerial experience.

So here’s to you, Khalil. Get back on the horse. It’s what Superman would do (Andy: If Christopher Reeve could have gotten back on the horse I’m sure he would have). Well that and just be a ridiculous excuse for a superhero.


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