Roster flux-ing with the best of ’em

And son, that's reason No. 103 why you'll never be as good as me.

And son, that's reason No. 103 why you'll never be as good as me.

Over the past few days, there has been a preposterous amount of roster movement in the Brewers organization. I wanted to use another big word there, but I’m fresh out of ideas. So instead, we’re going to analyze the moves using relatively basic language and probably some asinine jackass-like comments. Onward!

Tony Gwynn Jr. traded to San Diego for Jody Gerut: TGJ has had been quite the interesting piece of the Brewers puzzle over the years. He certainly had the big league pedigree (see: Gwynn, Tony.) to be a player. He was never going to be a stud like his father. He was fast, he got on base, he played decent defense in centerfield and he was cheap. Plus, if he grew into half the size of his dad, Prince would have another fatty friend on the squad. Hooray friendship!

I always liked Gwynn. He played fairly well with regular playing time at the beginning of the 2008 season before getting hurt. He was hitting .309 with 15 steals in 16 attempts in AAA this year. He was still only 26 years old. I’m no major league GM, so I guess I was put off when he cleared waivers earlier this year, but he cannot possibly be that bad. I think too much was demanded out of him too soon and Brewers fans gave up on him too quickly.

As for Jody Gerut, he’s of the same mold as TGJ but with more power. He hit 25 bombs in 2003 for Cleveland and hit almost .300 last year with 14 HR in 100 games. He has pretty good speed as well, but is more versatile. He can play all three outfield positions and will be a true fourth outfielder, spelling the three starters a few times a week. As a left-handed bat, he’ll help balance the lineup as well.

Chris Duffy outrighted to AAA Nashville: In order to make room for Gerut on the major league roster, an outfielder had to go. Chris Duffy barely played and became the odd man out. He was definitely struggling, and other than a ridiculous catch on the warning track in Pittsburgh and an game-winning RBI groundout in some home game a while back, I can’t remember a single thing Duffy did. However, I did see his jersey tee at the Miller Park shop and I considered buying it. It wouldn’t be as sweet as a Tony Graffanino tee, but honestly, what is? That’s a certified throwback.

R.J. Swindle called up, Hernan Iribarren down: Left-handed reliever R.J. Swindle has been up once already his year. He was with the club for nine days in April, pitched once, and gave up two runs. He’s another lefty to help out Mitch Stetter in the ‘pen and has evidently been ballerific (real word; look it up) in Nashville. You want proof? 11 appearances, 0.54 ERA, 0.90 WHIP and a .153 batting average against. As my man Shooter McGavin would say, “Choke on that one, baby!” Personally, I don’t think Swindle is that sweet, other than the eephus pitch he throws – kinda like a curveball, but at around 53 miles per hour. That alone warrants a call up.

As for the corresponding roster move, Iribarren has been up and down recently more times than … nevermind, this is a family website. Iribarren had only been with the Crew for 48 hours when he was sent back down. So that was dumb.


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