My maiden voyage into the American League

The "American League?" Is it new?

By Josh Mosley

If you go by the marquee at this great sites home page, you’d find it odd if we ventured to talk about anything outside the National League Central. But put a cork in it Zane’s. This is a baseball site so we talk all that is baseball. And for me, that includes my foray into a place that might as well be Baghdad to me: the American League.

I had only been to one baseball stadium in my life (two if you count Old Busch and New Busch as seperate entities). And I had only been treated to one brand of baseball: the National League. The senior circuit. The land where they make pitchers hit. That is until last Friday when I made a trip two hours west to Kansas City to see the Royals play the White Sox. And while I was an idiot and didn’t take a camera with me to document said excursion, I’ll do the next best thing: I’ll paint a picture with WORDS. Exciting stuff right???? Anyway, here are some of the things I took away from my foray into the other league.

Kauffman Stadium, or the “K” as the locals like to call it, is quite a site. It’s in it’s first year after renovations and it’s awesome for lack of a better term. The big fucking screen in center field is a nice touch but venture over to left center and you’ll find a friggin’ mini amusement park. In descending level of coolness, this place had a place that timed how fast you ran from home to first, a fast pitch competition, a batting cage and a merry go round. For all you STL folk, it’s what we all thought “Ballpark Village” would be until the economy took a doozy of a twosie in it’s pants. Even if the Royals lose the game, they win in the fun category. And we can all get on board with that.

Royals fans Holy awesome!!!! IF there was one thing I enjoyed about this bunch was they accept their lot in life. They know they aren’t good. So what do the fans do? They shit talk and have a hell of a time in the stands. There’s nothing like fans of a team that is down 11-2 with a few beers in their system verbally ripping down a relief pitcher.

The food: Buffalo chicken tenders. BBQ sandwiches. FUNNEL CAKE!!!!!! This is just a sample of the food that the fine folks at the Stadium K offers. And all reasonably priced. $5.25 for a serving of funnel cake? Is this heaven? No. It’s the Harry S. Truman Sports Complex. Come get some.

I was thoroughly entertained with my voyage to my first AL game. Walking away from it, two things popped in mind: first is that I never really noticed the DH. People wax poetic so much about the difference in AL and NL offenses. All things considered it was barely a blip on my radar. Secondly, it’s refreshing to go to a baseball game with no rooting interest. My friend that I went with was a White Sox fan but I still could care less who won or lost. Good times. Might have to do it again sometime.


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