If the brotha don’t Twit, you gotsta quit

I'm stumped. Insert clever caption here.

I'm stumped. Insert clever caption here.

By Josh Mosley

Another case of when social networking goes wrong right here. I swear since Facebook and all it’s bastard offspring came on the scene, forms of identity theft have become about as “in” as Uggs, Crocs and those lame ass Kanye blinder glasses combined. (For your information, all those products suck ass and need to go).

Per an article on Fanhouse, it seems that the skipper of my beloved Redbirds has panties in a bunch over some joker who impersonated him on Twitter. Apparently, the guy did such a good job pretending to be Tony (it’s easy to act like an asshole if you’ve graduated from college) that his tweets were getting Cards specific. So what do you do when you have money, a dictionary and a Andre the Giant-esque ego? You sue.

You can read the article but if you’re too lazy, Tony is hitting this guy up for trademark infringement and “dilution, cybersquatting, and misappropriation of name and likeness.” Basically, what that breaks down is that Tony feels, in his mind, that his image has been at least sufficiently misused enough to warrant some sort of criminal action.

Dr. Evil: Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh….t

Tony has a law degree so it’s not like he’s wrangling up shit off the top of his head. Don’t be too impressed, though. It’s a law degree from Florida State and Bobby Bowden and his boys are doing a bang up job of draining all academic credibility those folks have.
With that being said, is Tony REALLY losing sleep and or money over this? You don’t use credit card or any sort of pertinent info on Twitter unless you’re a dingus. I know enough about communication and internet law (yay journalism degree!!!!) to know that he is legally in the right to go after this guy. It’s technically false advertisement. But a guy as accomplished as TLR could really afford to let this slide off his shoulders. You’ve won two titles, been to the Series six times and gotten your mug shot posted on every sports site and bookmarked by every weak sauce Cubs fan. You’re made in the shade, pal. You’re legendary. You’re BONAFIDE as they say in “O Brother Where Art Thou”. Let it go. And to the guy who made the page: touch a boob or something. You probably have better stuff to do.

Tony could use all that manpower to find a way to score runs when Pujols gets walked and his imposter should spend some serious time thanking his lucky stars that my boy Johnnie Cochran has passed on. If he got O.J. off, you knew Tony was going to get his.


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