Where in the world is … Pat Listach?

by Danny Mehigan

Pat Listach: We barely knew ye

Pat Listach: We barely knew ye

As you may have noticed, we here at the Swing are all about awesome ideas that could turn into regular segments solely in place for your reading pleasure. Sometimes, we don’t follow through and you are devastated. Hopefully, this is not one of those times. Through intense research and investigation (read: seeing them on TV and looking them up on the Internet for background.), I will bring back memories of your favorite Brewer “stars” of the 1990s and early 2000s in a series I’ll call “Where in the world is …” Damn, I’m creative.

First on our list: Shortstop Pat Listach, 1992-1996.

Listach is revered (okay, maybe not) in Milwaukee circles for the outstanding rookie season he put together in 1992, the last time the Brewers fielded a competitive team before 2008. In his rookie year, he hit .290 and stole 54 bases as the Crew’s leadoff hitter. He played a solid everyday shortstop and won the Rookie of the Year award going away. However, his best contribution to the team was probably that awesome mustache. Not to mention, his was the card you wanted to get when the cops drove around handing out baseball cards (Was that only in my town? I hope not. That was awesome. You missed out if your po-po didn’t give out baseball cards. You know, the ones with some PR message on the back. Awesome.) In 1992, he set career highs in every single category except home runs (he launched 3 in 1993 … steriods, anyone? Just kidding, don’t Raul Ibanez me!). Listach played for the Crew until ’96, spent half a season with the Astros and retired in 1997.

Since then, he managed the West Tennessee Daimond Jaxx in 2006, the Tennessee Smokies in 2007 and the Iowa Cubs (TRAITOR!) in 2008 before taking over as the third base coach for the Washington Nationals in 2009. And that’s really the best of both worlds, because he’s basically retired. The Nats score so few runs that he never even has to worry about windmilling that right arm. I guess the only shame is that he has to wear tight pants every day and he probably cannot hit up the Early Bird breakfast at Denny’s, which is all I really want to do when I’m older other than play 36 holes of golf on a daily basis.

Livin' the good life

Livin' the good life

So Brewers fans, catch a Nationals broadcast if you can and make sure to stay tuned for the one time a game they score a run, and look for good ol’ Pat Listach waving that dude around third base. If you’re lucky, I’ll see John Jaha around soon and let you in on his whereabouts.

*The Brewers got their asses kicked by the Rockies three straight times. I doubt I recap it because it made me angry, but if I run out of things to do at work today, maybe you’ll get some. E-mail me if you want to talk about it.*


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