N.L.SoM: White Sox or Cardinals, who ya got? (Part 2)


It’s a question as old a time itself, if time started around the turn of the 20th century. A question discussed through the ages from Rogers Park to the Wild 100s, Lake Michigan to The Arch. It’s a question without a quantifiable answer, until now. Who should Cubs fans hate more, the Chicago White Sox or the St. Louis Cardinals?

In part two of this five-part series (part one can be found here) N.L.SoM examines the success of the two clubs to decide which team’s wins and losses should grind Cubs fans gears more.

The Cardinals have done one thing in the past 27 years that the Cubs have failed to do: win the World Series. It happened in 2006, two years after they were embarassed in the 2004 Series by getting swept unmercifully by a Boston Red Sox team that hadn’t won a World Series in some 80+ years. And if you are a Cub fan in the state of Missouri (let’s face it, nobody outside of Kansas City likes the Royals) you will hear about it, they will make sure to remind you that they have a strangle hold on the success that comes out of the N.L. Central — even though they have the same number of World Series wins at the Reds since I was born.

Also, since the N.L. Central was formed in 1994, the Cardinals have won the division seven times, far more than any other team in the division (the Houston Astros have won four times and the Cubs have won three times), which is a form of winning that only adds to the hate Cubs’ fans harbor toward their St. Louis counterparts. One final point to mention: As bad as the Cubs have been historically and as good as the Cardinals have been, the Cubs actually own the lead in the series history at 1,148 – 1,079.

Well, that was an annoying year.

Well, that was an annoying year.

But the Cardinals aren’t the only team sitting at this taco stand that have had success of late, and fans of the Chicago White Sox will make sure to let you know anytime they are within 30 yards of a Cubs fan that they won the World Series recently too. from 1917 to 1997, nobody who was backing the Baby Bears gave the White Sox much of a thought, outside of the occasional exhibition games played between the two. Out of league, out of mind they say. Right?

Anyway, when interleague play began in 1997, the White Sox and Cubs have played eachother as evenly as humanly possible — the series currently stands at 33-33. But as even-handed as the series has been since interleague play began in 1997, the White Sox have done one little thing that the Cubs have failed to do: win the World Series.

Not only did the White Sox win in 2005, they cruised, going 11-1 in the process (thanks for nothing Boston Red Sox, Los Angeles Angels and Houston Astros!) a fact that was beaten to death, then beaten again, by every Sox fan I have encountered since.

Hey, this was a crappy year too.

So 2005 and 2006 will always be remembered by me as the years the terrorists won and stole everything I hold dear away from me. Factor in the Boston Red Sox win in 2004 and you get one lonely 101-year-old drought. As for the winner of this? I have to give the edge to the Chicago White Sox for two reasons. First, the Cubs did win the division the past two years, which is a result of boning the Cardinals for the past two years, something that always help ease the pain of no winning the big one. Second, proximity counts. Since graduating from the University of Missouri (fire up Tigers!), I never have to go near that toxic waste dump of a village they call the “city” of St. Louis, thus I never have to listen to droves of Pujols puckering, Carpenter cupping Cardinals fans annoy the ever-loving shit out of me again. In Chicago, with White Sox fans, I can only hope to be that lucky. Edge: White Sox



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3 responses to “N.L.SoM: White Sox or Cardinals, who ya got? (Part 2)

  1. Mark Renken

    Well, sounds like the Cardinal fans did their job…got you the fuck out of Missouri

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