No offense, Cards fans … Seriously.



By Josh Mosley

Rather than do some sweeping summary of the previous three or four series I haven’t recapped, let me just sum up said games with a general statement: a blind man with an ace and a king right in front of him has a better chance of hitting something than the Cardinals offense. It’s really been a sad state of affairs for the St. Louis bats, who go fetal every time an opposing manager has the good sense to take the bat out of Pujols’ hands. And while I’m not a big fan of math, let’s use them to see exactly what’s not hot in the streets.

RUN PRODUCTION: Monday’s game against the Tigers, a 13-4 win, was the first time the Cards had broken double digits since April 23 against the Mets. Since then, they have had three games of eight runs and one game of nine runs. Aside from that, the boys had been struggling to get above five on most nights. All this has been counteracted by serviceable starting pitching and relief but on the nights when that hasn’t been the case, the STL bats have not been a pretty sight to see. And it goes without saying that the team batting average isn’t much to smile about right now. But of course one feeds the other. Give and take. Cause and effect. Science at its finest. Or worst. You know, whichever side you want to be on.

DON’T BE A FOOLOS, WRAP YOUR PUJOLS: There’s a reason that the injuries to Troy Glaus and Ryan Ludwick were so detrimental. Because once those guys are down, walking Albert to get to flaky schlubs like Rick Ankiel and Chris Duncan isn’t so scary. And though we in Cardinal Nation weep openly every year for SOME SORT OF IMPACT FREE AGENT PICKUP, this year is a little louder. Once again the Cards are overachieving in the eyes of many. So now would be the ideal time to get a bat to give Albert some insurance, right? Common sense says yes. But when has the Cards front office ever used that in abundance. If I had a lot of hair, I might pull it out at how ridiculous this is.


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