The Cards made a move?!?!? You’re Joshin’

Get rid of that horrible jersey and we'll be in business, Jack!

Get rid of that horrible jersey and we'll be in business, Jack!

By Josh Mosley

That’s right Cards fans. This is what we call a deal that can be considered “LATERAL MOVEMENT.” In a type of late night deal that usually involves money, a meeting spot and a heavily concealed brown paper bag, the Cards sent Chris Perez and a player to be named later to the Cleveland Indians for third baseman (and former baby Bear) Mark DeRosa.

The trade, first reported by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, could have DeRosa in St. Louis by this afternoon for the series finale against Minnesota. On the season, DeRosa is batting .270 with 13 dingers and 50 runs driven in.

DeRosa is a nice player and I know it pains Andy a little bit to see a guy so integral to the Cubs back-to-back division titles. So Christmas and Kwanzaa come early for this guy. It’s a little like how St. Louis fans felt when they saw Edmonds land in Wrigley and play two degrees past decent.

The real story here is that John Mozeliak made a potentially helpful move. For those who have followed the Cardinals the past few years, it’s unfamiliar territory and could potentially rival the Larry Walker deal made at the deadline in 2004. But that all depends on if DeRosa delivers. He’s in the final year of his three year deal he signed with the Cubbies so he’s playing for a new contract either in St. Louis or elsewhere. So that’s something to watch.

After the atrocious lack of production from Cards bats the last ten days, management had to know that a bat was needed behind Pujols. He singlehandedly powered the Cards past the Twins on Saturday so any sort of insurance is good insurance.

But could they be done dealing? Is the Matt Holliday deal still possible? So many questions. So little time. Until then, here’s hoping this isn’t all some diabolical plan hatched by Paschen to plant a former Cub on the Cards to crush chances for a division title. I got my eye on you, you feather haired bastard.


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