I Don’t Judge You For The Weed Smoke (But Selig Does)

Jeremy Jeffress has something to help you tone down that temper, Lou

Jeremy Jeffress has something to help you tone down that temper, Lou

To borrow a line from a song by Brother Ali, the NL Central seems to be rife with reefer these days. Just recently, Cubs catcher Geovany Soto was “reprimanded” for testing positive for weed at the World Baseball Classic earlier this year. His manager, Lou Piniella, shrugged it off and admitted to smoking once in his life – though I’m not sure ‘admitted’ is the right word there, because I don’t find it to be too big of a deal. Luckily for Soto, the test didn’t come during a MLB committment, so he isn’t suspended or anything like that.

Along the same token (see what I did there?), Brewers prospect Jeremy Jeffress isn’t as lucky. Of course, he’s a moron. Or at least he gives off that perception to the public. Jeffress is supposed to be the next great starting pitcher to come through the Brewers minor league system. He was a first round draft pick in 2006, and has pitched relatively well in his short minor league career. He throws high 90s cheese and has some nasty breaking stuff in the repetoire. However, he hasn’t pitched much because he continues to get suspended for smoking weed. He got busted once in ’06, but wasn’t suspended. You think he’d learn his lesson, right?

False. Jeffress tested positive again during the 2007 season and sat out 50 games (the last of which were at the beginning of 2008). While suspended, he tested positive again, but it was a Brewers-administered test, not a league one, so he was merely disciplined. At least the point is across now …

False. This week, Major League Baseball officially announced Jeffress’ 100-game suspension after he tested positive for weed, again. One more positive test and Jeffress is banned from the game for life. I don’t really have to say anything else. Give up the weed or give up the baseball, dumbass. But since we still have Jeff Suppan, I suggest giving up the weed. You can pick it up again when you’re 40 or somethin.


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