Bathroom rug: 1 Ryan Ludwick: 0

PWNED by a bathroom rug? I thought you were better than that.

PWNED by a bathroom rug? I thought you were better than that/

By Josh Mosley

This little anecdote didn’t warrant an entire story in the newspaper. But damn it all, it should have.

Per a notebook entry from Hall of Fame baseball writer Rick Hummel comes this little ditty.

Right fielder Ryan Ludwick showed up with an unsightly splotch near his right eye and assorted other blotches Sunday.
“I wish I had a good story for it,” he said. “But it’s terrible.
“I just woke up in the middle of the night to (go to the bathroom). The room was dark and I tripped over my suitcase and I got rug burn here, rug burn here and rug burn here,” he said, pointing to his face, arm and body.
“It’s not like a black eye. It’s just a burn. I’d rather have a black eye because I think it would go away quicker. This is going to scab up.
“Usually, you can brace yourself. I went face first.”
His injuries did not prevent Ludwick from scoring three of the Cardinals’ 10 runs.

You usually need a couple of bong hits, some bombs and an ugly chick you need to get away from to provide an accident/comedy of this magnitude. Ludwick might not have risen to his all star recognition of ’08 but at least his falls are just as entertaining.


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