Chicken Parm Flavored Fantasy Update

Smells good, huh? So does my team.

Smells good, huh? So does my team.

Wow…the Chicken Parms are having a mighty good summer thus far. I, too, saw Public Enemies and agree with Andy’s assessment. Nothing spectacular but still good. The fact that you knew the bad guy wasn’t going to win did make the majority of it filler but I was interested in how they would get there. But it’s been a busy week for my team so let’s get down to the get down on how my team did.

Christian Bale, CF: Starring in both the aforementioned Public Enemies and Terminator Salvation, Bale’s movies have grossed over $400 million so far this summer. You can see my point of drafting him from a fiscal standpoint. Dude makes bank at the theater. And though I haven’t seen Terminator, I feel confident that whatever shortcomings the flick had can only be attributed to his amateur co-workers. I give him props for making money and proving that there is no role or, for that matter, no accent that he won’t take on to prove how awesome he is. Seriously, I hope someone gives him a movie role soon where he can show people his natural Welsh accent. He’s earned a break.

Judd Apatow, manager: Year One might have gotten mixed reviews but I for one thought it was funny. Just for the mere fact that I enjoy most any film that pokes fun at the Bible in a good natured way. Judd was the production man behind that plan and now he is a week away from his next directorial project, Funny People. The film is one that I am getting more and more amped about simply for the fact that most anything from August on will suck and because any Apatow written or directed movie I have seen I thoroughly enjoy. We know that Judd is going to make money. His reputation is up there and nothing short of a shitty movie will knock him down a notch. I guess we can categorize Judd as a player or manager that will finish strong. But I’m looking for big things from him.

Neil Patrick Harris, catcher: Barney Stinson is having an AWESOME summer if I may say so myself. He’s on one of the two best sitcoms on television right now AND it was just announced today that his work on How I Met Your Mother earned him an Emmy nomination for best supporting actor in a comedy series. And with a look at the field, he should take the crown. Let it also be known that he hosted the Tony’s this summer (though man card limitations kept me from watching the ceremony) and he has been tapped to host the very Emmy ceremony that will announce his hopeful win. Could be LEGEN-wait for it-DARY!!!

Aziz Ansari, 2B: Uh Aziz was looking like an empty pick recently. That was until I checked out this. The site is part of the viral marketing campaign for Funny People and the site is to promote Ansari’s fictional character of “Randy”. Randy is a comic in the mold of Dane Cook to basically show just how much scrotum Mr. Cook sucks (it’s a lot). It’s pretty hilarious and if you have some time and, if you’re at work, headphones, I’d give it a listen.

I’m knee deep in points, people. I don’t know if I can handle any more. That’s a lie. I’d like a lot more.


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