Red-Legged News and Notes


This may be the notebook you really wanted, but life ain't fair, kids.

This may be the notebook you really wanted, but life ain't fair, kids.

Q: What happens when I don’t watch the Reds on a consistent basis and you are forced to cower in fear of your co-workers around the watercooler due to your lack of Reds knowledge?

A: You get a notebook! Well, not like a Five-Star middle school-style one with sweet designs on it, but more like an update on the biggest news to come out of the ‘Natti in the last week or so all in one place. Sorry to disappoint. But I still suggest you read on, because we’ve got a ton of injuries, some player movement, a pitcher answering to my beck and call and, last but not least, fun games with a bored beat writer.

This can’t be considered “news” anymore, since it’s about eight days old, but Reds rightfielder Jay Bruce is out for 6-8 weeks with a broken right wrist. He busted himself sliding to make a catch against the Mets last Saturday and he dragged his right arm in rather disgusting fashion as it caught in the ground while the rest of his body kept moving forward (If we had a soundtrack to this here site, something would go “ooh, that’s naa-sty” right now. Yeah, you were thinking that, too. Sadly, or gladly, we don’t.). Bruce didn’t sustain any damage to ligaments or tendons in the wrist, but he’s still out for a while. And that puts a big damper on the power game in Cincinnati. Joey Votto now needs to step up big time.

Catcher Ramon Hernandez is out 4-6 weeks with knee problems. He took some guff for not sliding on a play at the plate against Milwaukee on Thursday, but now we know why. I guess it begs the question why he was in the game in the first place, but he couldn’t slide because it really would have trashed his knee. Craig Tatum gets his first call-up to the big leagues to back up the newly anointed starter, Ryan Hanigan. Many Reds fans have been calling for Hanigan to start for awhile, so let’s see if he can keep up his .327 average with regular playing time.

Bronson Arroyo takes my advice. He has gone 16 scoreless innings since I told him to get it together. The two outings include a complete game shutout over the Mets and seven stellar innings against the Brewers. It’s his first 2-game winning streak since the end of May. You’re welcome, brah. I now suggest you buy a winning lottery ticket and give it all to me. Do it.

In other injury news, Alex Gonzalez heads to rehab this week. The Swing’s sources are not sure if Amy Winehouse will be in attendance, but this could be an unexpected boom for the Above Ground Pool Party of Midwest Swing Fantasy Baseball fame. Gonzalez will spend three days in Louisville, then head back to Cincy on Thursday and be activated for the weekend series against the Cubs. Edinson Volquez also had a good long toss session over the weekend, but it’ll still be awhile before he gets back to the mound. My non-existent medical degree allows me to forecast at least three more weeks until we see Volquez chucking for the Reds again.

Lastly, it’s that time of the year for the always popular Unsubstaniated Trade Deadline Rumors section in your local paper (and the crowd goes wild!). The Reds technically have five pitchers on the market, but don’t expect them all to move. Cordero, Harang, Arroyo, Rhodes and Weathers are the pieces of meat subject to your viewing. In my unprofessional opinion, Rhodes is the most likely to go because lefty relievers are always in demand, even if they are card-carrying members of the AARP like Arthur. Cordero would be a likely candidate, but he still has too much left on his contract so maybe we can have this discussion again in July 2010. As for the two starters, I just don’t see them helping out a contender enough at their asking price to be worthwhile. Then again, there are a multitude of reasons why I’m no big league general manager.


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