A sweep on the field and a swipe in the booth

Pittsburgh is wondering what Cpt. Jack was: WHY is the rum gone?

Pittsburgh is wondering what Cpt. Jack was: WHY is the rum gone?

By Josh Mosley

Nothing like a relaxing weekend of doing absolutely nothing and enjoying it to get the spirits back up and the planets in alignment. And the Cardinals made that easy by taking all three games in the Steel City to extend that division lead to a Grand Canyon like gap of TWO WHOLE GAMES. I’ll get to that in a minute but first I want to respond to something that I heard during the Sunday afternoon game.

We’re all aware that Cards hurler Brad Thompson (whose name makes him sound like he is the jock prick from some John Hughes movie … RIP) got a three game axing by MLB for daring to go inside and “intentionally” throw at Mets 3B David Wright in the two teams recent two game set.

One of my pet peeves in baseball is local broadcast of any kind. I love my teams but nothing turns me off more than king of dick duo Dan McLaughlan and Al Hrabosky saying “we” and “let’s” and “us.” The journalist in me says you don’t play for the team and the non-douche in me says … YOU DON’T PLAY FOR THE TEAM!!!! But as I’m watching the the game yesterday, one of the commentators (not sure who because as I said I hate local broadcast) comments on the incident saying “MLB tends to overreact when things happen in the NY and Boston area because of the money made in those areas. I guarantee if someone got thrown at in some Seattle/Texas game, the suspension wouldn’t have been that long.”

What’s that? A biased commentator making a valid, albeit, obvious point? Look I couldn’t agree more with the statement. Even though the Mets are the equivalent of the state of New Jersey (a seemingly second class citizen) the fact is that the Northeast gets coddled by Bud and the boys. From tv time all the way down to getting “thrown at,” they get preferential treatment.

But you protect any of your big investments and that’s what they are doing with David Wright, the Mets poster child in an otherwise lackluster, par for the course season for the other boys from Queens Boulevard. Either way, it’s not going to stop and we will all have an establishment (MLB) to continually call “the man” and damn.

As for the Cards, the showed some testicular fortitude this past weekend with comeback victories to bookend the series. Friday saw the Birds down 4-2 headed into their half of the fourth inning. But seeing as the Bucs are so horrible and coming back to STL with anything less than their total and utter destruction, Mark DeRosa hit a solo dinger to cultivate four unanswered runs capped off by sac jobs from Ludwick and Rasmus in the last two innings.

Meanwhile, Chris Carpenter was reprieved after giving up four early runs. There was a bet among the pitching staff who could do their best Todd Wellemeyer pitching impression and Carp apparently won. Hope the $100 was worth jacking up that ERA. Either way, he settled down to go eitht innings before handing the ball to Franklin in the 9th. Game, set and match. Cards win 6-4.

Saturday was a pitching duel right about till the time when the Pirates made the rook move of loading the bases and then reasoning to pitch to Albert Pujols. Slather your arm in honey and poke the bear with your arm, Pittsburgh. But Albert must not have gotten good rest the night before because he kept the ball in play but still cleared the bases for a three run double. The hit put him over 100 RBI’s for the ninth straight season and gave Adam Wainwright all he needed. Three relievers, including Jason Motte’s broke ass trying to make it interesting in the ninth, ended the game and gave the Cards the series by a score of 5-3.

Sunday’s game was in the hands of the Bucs until the eight inning when this series of unfortunate events happened: Schumaker HR, Pujols HBP, Matt Capps ejected for doing such a thing, 2 run double by Ludwick to score Pujols and Holliday, RBI single by Greene. Tough break, Pittsburgh. There’s always FUBU. Cards win 7-3.


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