Arroyo Just Don’t Give A Damn

So bro-tastic. So roided-out.

So bro-tastic. So roided-out

As everyone and their mama knows, there has been a whole bunch of hullabaloo about steriods in baseball over the last few years and how they have destroyed the game and/or just been the basis of another era.

Questions: Do records from this day in age deserve asterisks? Do they count at all? What about Babe Ruth, who only played against whites? What about Ted Williams and company, who missed prime years fighting for good ol’ America in World War II? Is anybody listening to me?

Answers: Nobody knows. But do you know who doesn’t give it a shit? Our man Bronson Arroyo.

And we know he doesn’t give a shit because he came out and said it in a fantastic interview with USA Today earlier this week. You can read the details here, but it centers around Arroyo’s general disdain for the establishment and rules. Fantastic.

Among the highlights, in my opinion:

“I take 10 to 12 different things a day, and on days I pitch, there’s four more things … But I haven’t failed any tests so I figured I’m good.”

“I do what I want to do and I say what I want to say.”

“People can think what they want of me. I don’t give a fuck.” (Personal favorite)

And a point that is sure to draw the ire of many, but if thought about, is completely true and valid … “It might be dangerous, but so is drinking and driving. And how many of us do it at least once a year? Pretty much everybody.”

It’s like the people who are so up in arms about Michael Vick and the terrible things he did while bankrolling a dogfighting business (It was terrible, don’t get me wrong), but they shrug over Leonard Little and Donte’ Stallworth killing human beings in drunk driving car accidents. People who are this worried about steriods in baseball (I also don’t like it, but in the end, it’s just a game and this is just entertainment, even though it’s my favorite entertainment) need to control themselves and worry about something else. *Cough Congress Cough*. Well, that was refreshing. Enjoy the weekend, y’all.

Oh, by the way, Bronson’s first outing after the inflammatory interview … a 2-hit complete game shutout. He don’t give a fuck.


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