Cubs-Padres: A … win?

Longtime friend and rabid Cubs fan Ted Rosenbaum is gracing us with the stirring finale of his experience at all three games between the Padres and Cubs. Mr. Rosenbaum graduate from Penn in something to do with engineering (fancy!) so that makes him more than qualified to write for Midwest Swing, where we only require that our writers are literate in the loosest sense of the word.

Check it out, we almost looked like a real team tonight! Rich Harden yielded one hit through seven innings. Aaron Heilman’s stirrups sent the Padres down in order in the eighth, and despite his best efforts, Sean Marshall couldn’t blow a seven run lead in the ninth. A couple other lessons from my final evening at Petco Park for a while:

1. Milton “Meth Bear” Bradley is no longer just playing games. Instead, he’s doubling Everth Cabrera off of first (who runs the bases like a lost child) and doing the chicken dance on his way back to the dugout after his meaningless homer. You stay classy, Milton.

2. More from the jersey department: I don’t know if Cubs fans forgot to do laundry last night, or, like me, are now just waiting for football season. Either way, there were more Payton/Urlacher/Hester jerseys out there than I could count. Still, the winner of the night is a powder blue/white pinstriped Dave Kingman. Here’s to you, random old rich drunk Cubs fan.

3. In the annals of fandom: Cubs fans cannot carry a tune. Maybe “Go Cubs Go” is just a really hard song to sing acapella, but either way it sounded like someone was strangling David Eckstein’s cats. (I say he lives with cats and you can’t tell me otherwise)

4. Petco is fricking huge. I sat way in the upper deck tonight and felt miles from the game. Granted, it only cost $9 (here’s to the military discount) but still, it feels wrong (and a little dizzying, to be honest,) to be able to look down at the foul pole.

5. So now what? Fuck if I know. Ask Andy. He’ll probably make some faux-deep thinking face and then say “someday we’ll go all the way.” Eddie Vedder’s from Evanston, so we get to plagiarize him all we want.

Good night, and good luck.


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