Dave Duncan and the St. Louis Post Dispatch: A Lover’s Quarrel

If he looks awkward, it's because he's unbunching panties

If he looks awkward, it's because he's unbunching panties

You don’t just have to read my blathering to know that Chris Duncan is worthless. He was a worthless shell of an outfielder that couldn’t catch the sniffles in the outfield. And as for his batting, if he were a pimp, he couldn’t hit a coked out, mouthy whore who came back with not enough scratch to make the night’s quota.

I knew it, the STL Post knew it and Chis’ papa Dave Duncan knew it too, though damned if he’ll admit it. Well apparently the Post was too forward about it. After a brief vacation for “personal” reasons, Dave Duncan returned to the Cards dugout Tuesday night for the second of a three game set with the Astros. With his return came a return to sender notice for the Post Dispatch beat writers: he ain’t talkin to none of youz. The story can be seen here.

Now to perch my soapbox:

I have no idea why this is even an issue. I don’t have the patience to sift through all the “unfair coverage” that Papa Dave seems to be citing but the bottom line is that Duncan was one of the weak links on that team. The Cards are better without him record wise and the offense has picked up. I’m not putting those problems squarely on Duncan when he was here but he didn’t help matters.

Read “Lord of the Flies”? Chris Duncan=Piggy, the fat expendable kid that got whacked by his mates on the island. The point is that it’s one thing for Dave Duncan to take up for his kin but it’s another to criticize the Post-Dispatch for simply doing their jobs.

Duncan wasn’t getting it done and no amount of nepotism in the world was going to get the Cards to trade him. Nor would it stop the media and fans from knowing that it was time for Duncan taking his Swiss Cheese bat and glove, his Mr. Clean bald head and disgusting tobacco habit up to bean town.

Get over it, Dave. If his leaving puts another ring on your finger come October, you’ll be saying Chris who.


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One response to “Dave Duncan and the St. Louis Post Dispatch: A Lover’s Quarrel

  1. Mitch

    Chris is only part of the story here. Duncan is extremely upset over his diminishing role in pitching player development for the farm system. He used to have a voice on how he wanted the pitchers to develop. Now, he has no say whatsoever. Management is bringing up the Motte’s who has “1” pitch and nothing else. Dunc wants players who aren’t learning on the job. He wants his voice heard, but it ain’t happening.

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