Programming Notes: What happens after baseball?

by Andy Paschen

We wont be under construction, but we will be wearing helmets.

We won't be under construction, but we will be wearing helmets.

It’s the question on everybody’s mind.

What’s going to happen to The Swing after baseball season is over?

Well, the editors of this here interweb site had a little pow-wow, talked it over with our spirit animals and decided that we’re extending both the blog and it’s content further. While baseball season winds down — which is whenever the Cardinals’ post-season run ends — we will hit the gridiron and bring you coverage of College Football and the NFL in general.

Since the three of us are clearly only interested in the football teams that interest us, we’ll also get specific with the Missouri, Notre Dame and Wisconsin college football seasons. As for the NFL, you’re sure to get news and note from the NFC North (specifically the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears) as well as some residual splatter from the lowly St. Louis Rams.

What can you expect for the next few months specifically? Picks and recaps abound. Features such as Point-Counterpoint-Countererpoint and Midwest Swing Fantasy baseball will still go strong. And because of the influx of potentially outstanding music coming out this fall, I personally will try and keep the dear readers informed on what they need to be listening to.

It’s a brave new world, people. Make sure you’ve got your lucky underpants on.

On a less-related note, I’m going to the Bahamas tomorrow until next Monday, so MWS will be in the care of Danny and Josh for the foreseeable future.



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4 responses to “Programming Notes: What happens after baseball?

  1. Joe M

    Is your football writing going to be as ridiculous as Lou Holtz saying ND is winning it all this year?

    • Danny Mehigan

      god i hope so. stay tuned – you just might hear something ridiculous.

      like notre dame is going all the way!! (not really)

    • Josh Mosley

      Yes. Here’s your first taste…

      The best quarterback in the Big 12 will NOT be one of those goobers playing in the Red River Shootout.
      (hint: it’ll be Blaine Gabbert…SUCK IT, tWWL!!!!

  2. Mitch

    Lou didn’t say ND would win Joe. He just said that with their cupcake schedule they have a legit chance to go undefeated. That being said, I highly doubt it, but they are returning all 11 starters on Offense…kinda ridiculous.

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