Point-Counterpoint-Countererpoint: September to Remember


Fall is here, folks. Actually the autumnal equinox (if you need a translation, that’s the first day of fall) isn’t until September 21, I say the fall is when football starts and regular television returns and trash reality television takes a hike for the winter.

Yes, school is starting, but not for anyone on this site. In fact I look at my Mizzou diploma (fire up, Tigers!!! Beat the Illini!!!) and am thankful that I’m not in some God forsaken auditorium pretending to take notes. But there is a lot more to look forward to this month. So strap in for today’s three way debate: what is each of us anticipating the most for September 2009.

Josh There’s a lot to love about September. Obviously, it’s the start of football season, which should be a holiday in itself — one that foreigners wouldn’t really get so it unites America even more. And who doesn’t love patriotism? Especially when it alienates aliens? That word totally makes sense right now to me. Anyway, as easy as it would be to say football, that’s not what I’m going to say. And as much as I love my sitcoms, I’ll refrain from those as well.

September 11 of this year is a day that we all observe with grief and remembrance but it will also be a great day for all of us who love sweet beats and ferocious flow: that’s the day Sean Corey Carter (Jay-Z for all you crackas) releases the final chapter of his legendary saga, The Blueprint 3.



Jay’s been stringing us about this album since LAST September, when he dropped the first two “singles” from the album: Jockin Jay Z and the Hip Hop Summit-tastic Swagga Like Us. Then we were led to believe that the next single would be the super awesome Brooklyn Go Hard.

But, alas, nothing came.

Turns out that the drill that is Auto-tune that T-Pain and Wayne drove into the ground like a Texas oil tycoon had disenchanted Hov so much, that rapper Jay and producer ‘Ye went back into the studio to start again–from scratch.

Thus far, he’s leaked five songs: “Death of the Autotune” (D.O.A), “Run this Town” featuring ‘Ye and Rhihanna, “Venus vs. Mars”, “Reminder” and, my personal favorite, “Off That” featuring Drake.

All in all, the material has me psyched for the release, which will be eight years to the day since the release of the first Blueprint, a five mic “classic.”

Is my pick superficial? Maybe. Does it take into account all that September may hold politically and culturally? No. Do I care? What do you think?

Danny: I’m pretty sure you lose major points for not knowing major events in the lives of your co-Swingers, Josh. I, for one, am starting (graduate) school in exactly one week (FIRE UP BLUE DEMONS!) and while I could be more excited for it, I’m not dreading it. Being in the real world for approximately 12 months taught me that school ain’t half bad after all.

But the thing that will get most fired up in my first month of grad school isn’t Jay-Z’s new album, though I am looking forward to that. It isn’t the freshmen chicks that will be wandering around campus with me, though they (plus the sophomores, juniors, seniors, grad students, shit, any girl really) are always welcome. It damn sure ain’t the baseball playoff races, either.

It’s college football. Baseball is my favorite sport to play. When I care even a little about one of the teams playing, it can be my favorite to watch. But no sport gets me amped like college football. It helps that I have three teams to cheer for (Mizzou, Notre Dame and Wisconsin), but I can watch almost any college football game and be interested. I love the hitting, I love the scoring, I love the weather, I love the tailgating, I love the upsets. There’s a reason I can’t take a weekend class this quarter in school — I’m traveling to college football games on five consecutive weekends, and that’s just my schedule that’s planned already. It’s the greatest time of the year … and it all starts the first week of September.

Andy: First of all Josh, The Blueprint 3 is already out and about on the internet, so you don’t have to wait around for another week to pick it up. In fact, I’m listening to Hova and Mr Hudson (no period, that’s how he does it) sing/rap their very own version of “Forever Young”, one of the hottest ’80s jams in existence. Get with the times and steal already, sheesh.

As for you Danny, I understand how much of an impact the Paschen family had on your life, so it’s no wonder you went back to school to follow in the footsteps of Mama and Papa Paschen in hopes to become a high school math teacher. Obviously the profound influence of one of the most badass American families ever to grace this Earth shook you to your very foundation, creating an insatiable desire to try and become a Paschen in any way possible — and you chose vocation. But I digress.

Honestly, what I am most excited for the what could possibly the renaissance of rap this fall. The releases aren’t limited to September, but September is the kick-off month so it still works.

Obviously Jay-Z and The Blueprint 3 kicked the season off, and we’ve already talked extensively about Kid Cudi and Man on the Moon as well as Lupe Fiasco and Lasers, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Clipse drops Til The Casket Drops, Kanye’s Chicago buddy Consequence has an album dropping, Wale — who might have stolen the crown of “White People Fucking Love This Guy” from Mos Def — drops an album.

The list doesn’t end. Lil Wayne has a chance to either further his genius or ruin it with Rebirth, and 50 Cent is taking another crack at the whole music thing. I guess vitamin water can only go so far. However, the man made Get Rich or Die Tryin’, possibly one of the greatest freshman rap albums ever made, so he’ll always get an ear from me. Even Eminem gets a chance to make-up for the abortion that was Relapse with Relapse II. These are all supposed to drop in the next three months, which completely makes up for the past eight months of table scraps hip-hop fans have been forced to stomach.

Danny: I don’t know, Andy. That sounds pretty crazy. I’m looking forward to quite a few of those album drops, but if there’s one thing we know about rap albums, it’s that they hate coming out on time. In fact, I’d be surprised if half those albums come out before the new year. So while you’ll have the next few months to enjoy new music, which is all well and good, I’m guaranteed to get my football fix as soon as Thursday night. And while I don’t like professional football as much as the college game, we’re only a week away from NFL action. I know you’re excited for that Bears-Packers Sunday night opener.

Especially when you consider that most (or all) of the Jay-Z album is already on the interwebs, the album drop loses some of its luster. I have to sit here idly until the games start, and that excitement is building. Hey, so you don’t feel so bad, maybe I’ll listen to a stolen copy of Jay’s CD while I wait.

Josh: Way to break my boner, fellas. I was actually going to wait for the rest of the album to come out and buy it but damn you two for telling me it’s leaked. Now I’m going to go listen to it and see how fire it will be.

As for the other stuff, my apologies for forgetting that Danny has a to pack a Snack Pack and tie up his boots and go back to school. If I have to send my kids to a half Armenian half Irish ‘Sconny who loves bringing back 60’s jargon and shitty beer as much as he loves cheese curds, it’ll be Danny Mehigan

And all those albums coming out between now and December should be a Rappers Delight when it comes to hot fire being brought. But like my comrades, I want to know what the new obsession is with rappers dropping a single then waiting two years and a fortnight to drop the album. It’s bonkers. The fact that it takes this long for you to release a set of 13-15 songs is UNREAL.

Until then, I’m going to leave you readers with a clip of a song by Earth, Wind and Fire.. They’re from the 70’s and are R&B royalty. They’re awesome.

Danny: The fuck is an Armenia? I’m Serbian, you jackass. Saved yourself with Earth, Wind & Fire. Barely.


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