College Football: It’s FANTASTIC!

Reppin' the Zou in his 'do. GET HYPE!

Reppin' the Zou in his 'do. GET HYPE!

By Josh Mosley

What an interesting week in collegiate gridiron. Miami and Florida State opened and closed a week with a whale of a game in prime time on Monday with a Labor Day game that re-ignited the fire of the rivalry for at least one night.

The Tigers cracked the polls while simultaneously sticking it to any and all that thought a step was lost. Terrelle Pryor, who may be the most disgustingly fluid and gifted athlete in America, came down with non-swine flu related oral diarrhea while trying to defend Mike Vick. The Irish and Michigan also both clowned leading to the obligatory and far too premature “Are they officially back?” banter.

And OU took a big hit by losing a potential shot at the title and a potential back-to-back Heisman winner all at the hands of the those Mighty Mormon’s out of BYU.

But that was SO last week. On to week 2.

No. 25 Mizzou vs. Bowling Green: Blaine Gabbert and the Tigers are coming off a four touchdown win over Illinois. So who should come knocking now? Bowling Green, who had the nerve to ruin Gary Pinkel’s coaching debut at Mizzou back in ’01. Bowling Green cube Tyler Sheehan threw for 349 and two TD’s last week in a 31-14 win over Troy. What ground my gears the most about last year’s Tigers were the amount of offense they let up against non BCS opponents. So while it kicked ass to rough up Illinois, I’d like to see some defensive pwnage in remaining non conference schedule that takes the numbers down while also closing up holes and inconsistencies on the defense.

Blaine continues to be the business on offense while the defense gives up a couple of TD’s before Sean Weatherspoon and the front seven pressure the balls out of Sheehan in front of 70 strong at Faurot Field.

Tigers win 48-21.

G.I.C.C.L.A. (Games I Could Care Less About):

No. 18 Notre Dame at Michigan: The two winningnest schools in FBS history are also the two most divisive: you either love or hate both these teams. Hence their appropriate, almost astronomically blessed pairing, in the G.I.C.C.L.A. universe. Fans in South Bend and the Chicagoland area are drooling over Jimmy “El Jimador” Clausen and his crew of flunkie’s (count me as a ND hater) 35-0 bashing of the Nevada Wolfpack. They and Lou Holtz would like you to believe that that performance should all but solidify that ND belongs in the top 25. Well now you got to go prove it again against the rival Wolverines.

Michigan is coming off it’s own impressive win against Western Michigan in week one. Second year UM coach Rich Rodriguez is implementing, what I like to call, the QB “Gang Bang Method” using multiple signal callers on a prone defense that will just take it in the face and like if it can’t stop it (weird name for a theory but it works. Trust me.) Nick Sheridan is the veteran (only a sophomore) who is just there. Frosh Tate Forcier is your game manager. And the other frosh Denard “Shoelaces” Robinson is your athlete who breaks off the sweet runs on the field but the guy you pray doesn’t run around with scissors off the field. The guy doesn’t tie his shoelaces. EVER! How the hell did he pass 3rd grade?!?!

Anyway, this game will be a tight one in my opinion. I know playing at THE BIG HOUSE doesn’t mean shit anymore (see App State in 2007 and Utah in 2008). But it’s still an away game and a rivalry game at that. This game would go a long way in legitimizing the Irish if they win. Too bad I don’t think it’ll happen.

Michigan wins 28-21

No. 3 USC at No. 6 Ohio State: That team down south (according to Wolverine faithful) has kind of a big game this weekend. This team from LA is visiting. They’ve won seven straight Pac 10 titles. Won back-to-back AP national titles in ’03 and ’04. They buck the often accepted thought that academically prestigious private schools can’t breed hot snatch. It’s the USC Trojans, folks. All the commotion is centered on the two teenage quarterbacks: the aforementioned Pryor and true freshman Matt Barkley, who is the first true freshman to start the season for a top five team since pre-Reaganomics (and we know how much they clowned back then).

But if you watched about five minutes of both team’s tune-up games last week (Navy for the Buckeyes and San Jose State for the Trojans) you know what this game should come down to: Ohio State’s defense. Navy runs the triple option, an offense that is both hard to prepare for and GIMMICKY in today’s landscape of spread and pro style offenses. The Buckeyes gave up 342 yards to the SeaMen (I mean the Midshipmen) and got bailed out by an intercepted two point attempt late in the game.

USC plugged in whatever five star RB they felt like playing last week and won by a half dollar and some change. If USC is smart, they’ll take pressure off Barkley and let the backs win this game by eating clock and using the philosophy of Buckeye great Woody Hayes: three yards and a cloud of dust. In short, USC should and will roll.

Trojans win 35-10.


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