College Football Week 3 Round UP

Caption not necessary

Caption not necessary

By Josh Mosley

Here’s what I expected of the 2009 college football season:

1- The Tigers could be stellar but probabilities say they’ll be marginal.
2- The road to the ‘ship would be a boring one. On par a with drive across the state of Kansas. THAT boring.

Three weeks in and it’s been anything but that. I could pontificate about the awesomeness that was Mizzou v. Furman since that game was as lopsided as a Tara Reid boob job, I’ll just link you to a game story written by Missouri alum and, a former colleague of mine at the Columbia Daily Tribune, Dave Matter.. He covers Mizzou like no other so he’ll give you business. Still there were five games this weekend that were just flat out more important, more exciting and…well just more.

Miami vs. Georgia Tech: Nothing like Thursday night football to get you in the mood, amiright?!?!?! Anyone who thought that Miami super soph Jacory Harris was going to have a drop off, was given the mother of all FACIALS on Thursday. The U jumped out to a 21-3 lead and rendered the Tech triple option worthless over at Landshark Stadium. I’ll say this much about Miami: they aren’t anywhere near the talent of these guys, Miami is on its way back to being the truth. They’re grabbing local boys to build the program back up and the best part of all is that they’re a pretty young bunch.

Anyway, Harris was 20 of 25 (not a misprint, folks. He completed 80 PERCENT of his passes) for 270 yards and 3 TD’s and the Hurricanes took Tech in its ACC opener 33-17. Even bigger news is that the Hurricanes jumped ten spots to No. 9 in the AP. Too soon to say “They’re BAAAAAAAAAAAAACK…”?

Notre Dame v. Michigan State: Following week two, both of these teams needed this win. And the fact is that this rivalry has gotten pretty momentous the last few seasons. In short, Jimmy Clausen slung the ball around quite nicely. Doesn’t mean he isn’t a level five doucher but he’s played really well this season. Pisses me off. Still Sparty didn’t make it easy for the Irish. On second thought they did. With under a minute left in the game and the Irish down by 3, Kirk Cousins gave Notre Dame the game on a missed fade route in the back left corner of the end zone. We’re talking a WIDE OPEN fade route that he overthrew by five yards, which is roughly the combined distance of the gap in new FOX sitcom star Michael Strahan’s teeth.

And wouldn’t you know it but on that next play: IRISH INTERCEPTION!!! Game over. Notre Dame stops the bleeding of a last second loss to Michigan and, for this week at least, noise about Charlie Weis’ job security. Notre Dame wins 33-30.

Florida v. Tennessee: This was just another game until Tennessee hired Lane Kiffin and he forgot my whole thing about “poking the bear.” In three months on the job, Lane’s comments ranged from the harmless and in good competition (“I can’t wait to sing Rocky Top all night after beating Florida”) to ridiculous Rep. Joe Wilson-level when he accused Florida coach Urban “Legend” Meyer of recruiting violations that made you think Lane didn’t quite read his rule book thoroughly enough. Ironically, the NCAA quoted Wilson when yelling “YOU LIE” to Kiffin when it became clear that he was out of line with his statement. So many expected a Florida bludgeoning.

Gators win 23-13. Really, Florida? A win is a win but you’d have thought the Gators were going to use this game as a statement or whatever it is talking heads like Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit like to call it. Tennessee kept it close for a while but succumbed to the all mighty power of the real Touchdown Jesus Tim Tebow. Sorry dude from Notre Dame overlooking the stadium: you’ll have to wait till next year to get the title back.

Florida State v. BYU– So BYU ISN’T for real? I can’t tell because it changes from week to week. But here’s some real talk: Florida State played well in the opening week and came out of that game looking pretty nice. If Miami was being deemed back then, damn it, the Seminoles didn’t want to be far behind. So what do they go out and do? They pick APART BYU. Seriously, if they could have jumped into Brigham Young’s grave and undressed him and his 74 wives, they would have done that too.

54 points will do it. More specific, a 54-28 shellacking by the Seminoles. To add on to that, Bowden’s boys made it back to the top 25 as expected while BYU DROPPED down. FSU rose to 25. BYU dropped to 20. That’s right. BYU is ahead of FSU even after the Seminoles Kanye Wested all over BYU at BYU. Never ask me to explain the intricacies of the Associated Press Top 25 poll. It’s too much for me to wrap my enormous brain around.

USC v. Washington- Boy did we play this one wrong. I had a feeling about this one but it didn’t stop me from picking USC in my College Pick group on Yahoo. A few things should have tipped me off though. Washington was on an emotional high after beating Idaho the previous week to break a 15 game losing streak. That’s a long time coming and the Husky team shouldn’t be apologizing for it. Secondly, the Huskies are led by former USC offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian. USC coach Pete Carroll churns out sweet assistants much like that douche Bill Belichick does in the NFL (except Carroll isn’t a asshole).

Third: USC did the QB shuffle putting in Aaron Corp, who was the starter before Matt Barkley came, to start the game. Long story short, the Husky defense squashed the USC offense and kept it close before hitting a last second field goal to send the Trojans packing 16-13.

The loss isn’t unexpected. USC drops a deuce on itself at least once a year so it’s sort of par for the course. The loss knocked them down to the 12 spot on the AP. But read this for what it’s worth: if USC gets a legit number one receiver to counter that stable of ball carriers, you’ll see them in the Rose Bowl or the BCS ‘ship should someone else cough up a lung along the way.


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