|Meet the staff|


Andy Paschen is a graduate of the University of Missouri Journalism School, which in the year 2009 is the equivalent of opening up a Laserdisc store at your local strip mall. Andy was born and raised just outside of Chicago in Evanston. In regards to sports loyalty, Andy backs the Evanston Township High School Wildkits first, followed by the Chicago Bears, Cubs, Bulls, Missouri Tigers and Blackhawks. If Andy could punch any person in history square in the face, and we’re talking a full swing here, he would pick the person that invented Subway’s “5-dollar footlong” commercial jingle. Worst. Jingle. Ever. If you have any questions, comments or tips, you can reach him at apaschen@gmail.com

Danny Mehigan recently graduated from the Missouri School of Journalism with a degree and a desire to work at a big, fancy newspaper. Only, the powers-that-be waited until after graduation to tell him that newspapers are hiring at the speed of people hustling to Bernie Madoff for financial advice (see, I know politics and news, too!). Danny grew up in Whitefish Bay, Wisc., just north of Milwaukee, and recently relocated to Chicago after a year in Connecticut. He roots for far too many teams, but to keep it simple, all things Wisconsin both pro and college, Notre Dame and those Missouri Tigers. He will be the guy walking around Wrigley Field this summer, wearing Brewers gear, cussing out Cub fans and carrying a tip jar. Give the guy some change, will ya? He promises he won’t spend it on beer… otherwise he’s at Midwestswingblog@gmail.com.

Josh Mosley just as his fellow editors are, is a graduate of the University of Missouri. Right now he is working part-time for the Associated Press with the other half of his time spent rotating clockwise on his black leather couch (sweet life, huh)? Like Danny, Josh aspires to write sports for a newspaper despite the fact that business is dying faster Chris Brown’s marketability. Josh is a native of St. Louis County where he lives and dies with only two teams- the Cardinals and the Missouri Tigers. Other athletic affiliations differ based on my frame of mind and my tolerance for bullshit (see St. Louis Rams). If he could do anything, Josh would create a 24 hour news channel dedicated to sports from all over the world. Beg your pardon? They already have that? ESPN? You mean the channel that reports mostly on what Brett Favre eats, who Tom Brady marries and what comes out (and sometimes goes in) the ass of A-Rod? No, my channel would be different. Get at him at midwestswingblog@gmail.com.


6 responses to “|Meet the staff|

  1. Sam Miles

    Midwestswing, eh? Where’s the Royals news?

    I know a guy….

    • dpmehigan

      Hey, if we figure this thing out to the point where we, ya know, actually have reason to expand… I hereby declare you the leader of the AL Central faction. Stay at the ready, Mr. Miles

      • Sam Miles

        Hey, I’ve just got to find something to do to keep my mind off my relative unemployment.

        Keep up the good work fellas.

  2. LBowers


    Words can’t explain how much I hate the 5 dollar foot long jingle. Punch that person once for me too if you ever get the chance.

    On another note, good luck with the blog guys.

  3. John Juettner

    Mehigan….Miles the leader of the AL Central? C’mon, man you can’t make the leader the guy whose team finishes last every year.

    I’ll volunteer White Sox responsibilities if you guys ever feel the need to grow past the NL Central.

    • dpmehigan

      big talk for a team that just lost a series at home to those Royals…

      i kid, i kid. as a cubs hater in chicago, you know i have to become a sox fan sooner rather than later.

      one rule if you EVER plan on writing for the swing …. none to limited real employment allowed. that’s for suckers.

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