|Read it: Andy

Ladies and gentleman, I welcome you to my Midwest Swing fantasy baseball team of 2009: The Above Ground Pool Party.

Once the rosters are final, I will update this page with any news, transactions or whatever else comes to mind related to the names below. If you know of reasons why someone on my team should/shouldn’t be cut or should/shouldn’t receive “points” leave a comment below.

Points Updates:

  • Amy slaps around a single, runs drunkenly to third instead of first.
  • Jay-Z bangs a dinger with D.O.A video.
  • Public Enemies blows more saves than it should have, and TAGPP searches for a replacement.
  • Public Enemies swapped, along with loose change found in couch, for District 9.
  • Kid Cudi’s Man on the Moon track listing looks to make the album a huge hit.
  • Kid Cudi’s Man on the Moon album review doesn’t live up to a No. 1 pick, but still provides strong value.

Manager: Omar, Bodie, Marlo, Slim Charles, Wee-Bay, Avon and the rest of the West Side crew on The Wire.

C: Textsfromlastnight.com (Round 6, Pick 16)
1B: 100 Bullets: Wilt (Round 8, Pick 22)
2B: Amy Winehouse (Round 3, Pick 9)

  • Strengths: Her weaknesses.
  • Weaknesses: Drug-riddled bad-decision maker

3B: Kid Cudi (Round 1, Pick 3)
SS: Battlestar Galactica The Complete Series (Round 9, Pick 25)
LF: John Anderson (Round 2, Pick 4)
CF: Snake Eyes (Round 4, Pick 10)

  • Strengths: Is a professional ninja.
  • Weaknesses: Usually loses to members of G.I. Joe.

RF: The Real World: Cancun predictions (Round 10, Pick 26)

SP: “D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)” – Jay-Z (Round 7, Pick 21)
CL: Public Enemies (Round 5, Pick 15) TRADED for District 9.


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