Ladies and gentlemen, I welcome you to my Midwest Swing fantasy baseball team of 2009: Ryan Leaf’s Comeback Attempt.

My team already has a SI cover. Boom.

My team already has a SI cover. Boom.

Once the rosters are final, I will update this page with any news, transactions or whatever else comes to mind related to the names below. If you know of reasons why someone on my team should/shouldn’t be cut or should/shouldn’t receive “points”, feel free to leave a comment below.

May 19 Update: Good and bad news for the squad this week. The bad: Lupe Fiasco has delayed the release of his CD (seriously, rappers never get their shit out on time. Quite annoying. The good: Spencer Pratt is evidently on some awful new reality show about celebrities being left in the jungle beginning June 1. Humiliating this guy? Priceless.

May 23 Update: Not good, legions of RLCA fans. Our fearless leader seems to have been busted for breaking and entering while trying to steal a controlled substance in order to sell it for extreme profit. While we truly appreciate his zeal for going for it all, there are many things highly illegal about his latest manuever. Especially since he got caught. Here’s to hoping his jail sentence is rather short and he can come back to lead this team to greatness!

Coach Leaf Doin' Work: A Spike Lee Joint

Coach Leaf Doin' Work: A Spike Lee Joint

Manager: Ryan Leaf, (Ex-)West Texas A&M golf and quarterbacks coach/Man on the run.

C: Gus Johnson, March Madness College.
1B: Ed Helms, Scranton University.
2B: Lupe Fiasco, University of Chicago at Wild Hundreds.
3B: Brad Pitt, Mizzou.
SS: Spencer Pratt, Douchebag A&M.
LF: Mr. Chi City, University of Illinois at Chi-town.
CF: The Temptations, University of Detroit at Motown.
RF: Lionel Messi, FC Barcelona.

SP: Denzel Washington, Big State.
CL: The Final Destination, UC-Hollywood.


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