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Unsolicited NFL Advice. Taste it.

If you took the advice of my esteemed colleague Andy Paschen in Week One, you probably brought home the bacon big time and saved your family, house and marriage all in one fell swoop. Wait, you took his advice for all 16 games? Not just the 11 he correctly predicted? Well, that was just dumb on your part. Hopefully, you’re reading this from a free Internet cafĂ© so you can get through the whole thing before you get booted for mooching too much.

But as we move on to the Week Two picks, we should mention a few things about the first week. One, in the game that matters most to this site, Jay Cutler was hilariously bad. Beyond that really. I understand throwing a shitload of interceptions – that was my M.O. as a high school quarterback – but at least throw them in the general direction of your own players. Truly embarrassing for Bears fans that thought this guy would be the bees’ knees. Hey, by no means is he a bust, it was only one game, but wow. Tough start, eh? Two, the Patriots pulled that one straight out of their ass on Monday night. Looks like Bills fans are ready for another rousing four months of devastating losses and excessive drinking in the cold! Wooo!

That’s enough of the past, however. On to Week Number Two…

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