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You’re About to Get Favred Right in the Favre!

And the choices for Brett in 2010...

And the choices for Brett in 2010...

It’s Week Four of the NFL season and one (bogus) storyline is dominating the headlines. Brett Favre faces the Packers for the first time. In fact, ESPN is pulling out all the stops on Monday afternoon by going for the Guinness World Record for most mentions of Favre in a single television show. That is officially the stupidest shit I have ever heard in my life, and I have heard some stupid shit before. I realize Brett is a legend in Wisconsin and we never thought we’d see him in a Vikings uniform. It’s damn near criminal. But he’s pulled so much crap over the last two years with his multiple retirements, his J-E-T-S-ing and whatnot, that it really doesn’t faze me too much anymore. I can’t say I speak for all Packer fans; there was an awful lot of booing at the Packer bar here in Chicago last weekend when they showed highlights of his first TD pass to Sidney Rice. But honestly, ESPN, fuck off. We don’t need this.

Movin’ on! Show me the games!

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