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Fantasy Football: “You’re a great route-runner.”

Week 4:
Fantasy God …
Steve Smith
The Giants-version Steve Smith that is. The “great route-runner” from USC that had another game of over 100 yards received to go along with two scores. You know what kind of receivers are called great route-runners? The ones that aren’t fast or strong, they aren’t tall or lean — they’re average sized, average speed, non-white guys. See, if they were white, they’d be called possession receivers. I don’t get it either. Which leads me to believe that calling someone a “great route-runner” is basically code for “I have no idea why this guy is good at football, but he is, so we’re going to have to figure out how to compliment him without lying.” Congratulations Steve Smith, you’re the Pablo Sandoval of football — nobody can explain your success. Continue reading


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